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Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial For Vagrants [Today's News Poem, May 31, 2010]

Memorial For Vagrants [Today's News Poem, May 31, 2010]

The windows are shattered. The vagrants are haunted:
They're stray silhouettes in the alleys, betraying
The layers of darkness that linger this graveyard
Of wealth. And the playgrounds were filled with the children
Of workers. And now they are filled with the lurkers
And drunkards: their stories, too scary for movies.
The living? Who honors the living? Who follows
The losers not planted with markers and statues?
Who builds a memorial, praising the triumphs,
Or mourns for the losses a slide or a window
That carried the children with sand in their footwear
From heights to the depths. And the gardens were smiling,
The plum trees were fragrant. The rosemary blossomed.
The sidewalk was even. It carried the tiny
And precious embodiments love and compassion
Can cultivate. Grown and he's desperate for money—
For anything. Pushing a cart with his blanket,
With photos of happier memories: fading
And lacking memorial—save for the spirits
Of children who played once with sand and now needles,
On playgrounds forgotten—he notices something.
A sign from the city. It's closing. They're fixing
The structures. They'll clean up the shards in the sandbox.
A sign in the weeds says “For sale by foreclosure,”
In front of the house where the windows are broken.

“Black middle-class neighborhoods are hollowed out, with prices plummeting and homes standing vacant in places like Orange Mound, White Haven and Cordova. As job losses mount — black unemployment here, mirroring national trends, has risen to 16.9 percent from 9 percent two years ago; it stands at 5.3 percent for whites — many blacks speak of draining savings and retirement accounts in an effort to hold onto their homes. The overall local foreclosure rate is roughly twice the national average.”
– Michael Powell, The New York Times, May 30, 2010
“Yet for this young interrogator detachment was not ultimately a viable solution: “I know I am the same person who was doing those things. And that’s what tears at your soul.””
– Nancy Sherman, Opinionator, The New York Times, May 30, 2010
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Today is Hey Dude Day [Twitter Found Poem, May 31, 2010]

Today is Hey Dude Day [Twitter Found Poem, May 31, 2010]

“Hey Dude, Today is "Hey Dude...Watch This!!!!!!!" day.
"What's this button do?"
hit the brakes now!
oh shit Today is quit life day.
I think Im going to heaven ...
BUT the weather looks bad.

oh no!!!!!!! Today is also "oh shit
I deleted the weather" day.
Today is also Hurricanes and Oil Spill day.
my Ghost is flying to heaven ...
my Ghost is hit now! !!!!!!!
sharp-edged rocks were flying around!!!!!!!
quick, clone me now!
if I'm
I'll give you My Treasure.
The real amazing thing is My Treasure
is made out of Hurricanes and Oil Spill.
Today is "Hey Dude, clone me now!” day.
My Treasure is buried ........”


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Sunday, May 30, 2010

In Search of Auto-Oasis [Today's News Poem, May 30, 2010]

In Search of Auto-Oasis [Today's News Poem, May 30, 2010]

A limit's been reached—and the world is not endless.
We're waiting for someone to make the next movement.
We're driving—I'm driving. My purpose seems aimless.
Relief isn't coming, I'm chasing, I'm hellbent

To plow through the challenges: seeking and fleeing
Affliction and cure. The transmission is failing.
The car disassembles on freeway. I'm seeing
If somehow I'll make it—momentum—by sailing

And hoping I'll pass by an expert who's waiting
To master my recklessness. One who's negating
Authority paves me a road to the ocean.
I follow to prove I have faith and devotion.

“The chance that some oil will continue to leak for months was underscored by the managing director of BP, Robert Dudley, who described plans to put in place a second version of a containment dome, a strategy that failed earlier this month. Mr. Dudley, speaking on ABC’s “This Week” program, said that attempt had given the company’s engineers valuable lessons that would be applied to the new dome. But he added that even if it worked, some oil would seep out until the relief wells provided an “end point” by cutting off the flow beneath the seabed.”
– Joseph Berger and Leslie Kaufman, The New York Times, May 30, 2010

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The Home Stretch [Twitter Found Poem, May 30, 2010]

The Home Stretch [Twitter Found Poem, May 30, 2010]

Wave that green flag again!
4 WIDE down the front stretch
Dario, Helio, Briscoe, bus...
i hate when a bus goes too fast. like
102 mph and falls into a ditch.

the tank explodes. 30 passengers, including 10 children
burn to death. Wouldn't they build a tank anticipating that #nascar
might be shooting at it? anticipating that oil spill nightmare! ?

The Memorial Day Weekend is dedicated to remembering
passengers... including children
who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for this
wonderful....DANGEROUS so called life
so our fear and hate country could be what it is today:
a bursting mortar shell.

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Wacchu Talkin Bout Skinner? [Guest News Prose, May 30, 2010, by Arnold Jackson]

Wacchu Talkin Bout Skinner? [Guest News, May 30, 2010]
By Arnold Jackson

And the red-haired clown came up to Jim Skinner, brandishing those six or seven photographs taken in the late 1980s.  If he had even the smallest flair for dramatics, he might have said, “Extremely good composition, Mr. Skinner, don’t you agree?”  But the clown wanted to get down to business, and simply said, “You probably remember this dead hooker in your bathtub, Mr. Skinner, don’t you?”  From a medical point of view, it was fascinating to watch the cognitive become discretely palpable, just thirty seconds from puzzled brow to pallid glare.  But from an ethical point of view, it was truly a masterpiece.  They say that the Marlboro man, before he kicked the bucket, spent the last few months taking his sweet revenge, by smoking Lucky Strikes in public, right out of his tracheotomy hole.  But the red-haired clown had a whole lot more bad karma than the Marlboro man.  After all, not that many seven year olds had a fit because their mothers wouldn’t give them a light.  The clown had introduced six hundred million schoolchildren to colon cancer and type-13 diabetes, and he had a real bad case of the really bad conscience, and he needed a more elevated form of revenge than walking into a Wendy’s in his trademark clown suit, and stuffing his face in the window with Wendy’s nummy snatch, or whatever they call that chicken sandwich over there.  “Listen, you’ve got it all wrong,” said the gray-faced CEO, in the coolest voice he could muster.  For a moment, the red-haired clown thought that Skinner was willing to be reasonable.  But he just launched into all the predictable pablum about how times were changing, it was nothing personal, it’s me, it’s not you, yada yada, business mumbo jumbo, graphs, charts, Chinese economic patterns, whatever.  The clown sat there, listening patiently, arms crossed, leaning back in the executive-style ergonomic bucket chair, with his extra-long shoes up on Skinner’s desk.  When the CEO was done with his spiel, the red-haired clown simply snorted.  “And now that I’m old and fat, you’re going to terminate my contract?  I don’t think so, Mr. Skinner.”  After he’d spoken, the clown stuffed the photographs back into the manila envelope.  When Ronald McDonald left the room, Skinner remained seated at his enormous jade desk, absently fingering a paperweight made from the skull of one of earliest Ronald McDonalds.  He didn’t like being forced into this particular business decision.  But it just might work, he said to himself.  By the church of L. Ron Hubbard, it just might work.  By the end of the week, the world would see the first full-length television ads of the grotesquely obese Ronald McDonald.

“Retire Ronald McDonald? No way. That's the message McDonald's Corp.'s CEO Jim Skinner gave Thursday to the red-haired clown's critics who say the cartoon promotes unhealthy eating and should go the way of the Marlboro Man and Joe Camel. ”
– (AP) – May 20, 2010

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mobius Strip [Today's News Poem, May 29, 2010]

Mobius Strip [Today's News Poem, May 29, 2010]

The bicyclist speeds down the hill. He is drinking.
He sneers as he passes me, flicking a booger
That lands at my feet and I hope—yet I don't—that
He knows of what's coming, I turn and he's crashing.

I see him. He passes from bike to the sky and
He's ground by the asphalt, then trampled by motors.
A driver is panicking. Gunning her engine
She blows through the red and she crushes a stroller.

The truck hits the train and the train hits the cars and
The limits are showing. I bet this continues
Until there's a blast so tremendous it shatters
Our glasses and blows out our brains through eye sockets.

“BP acknowledged the failure Saturday of its latest "top kill" operation to tamp down oil gushing from its blown-out well, and launched a new interim effort to contain the flow.”
– Margot Roosevelt and Louis Sahagun, Los Angeles Times, May 30, 2010 Edition,0,841698.story

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Scream Forever You Fuckers [Twitter Found Poem, May 29, 2010]

Scream Forever You Fuckers [Twitter Found Poem, May 29, 2010]

I Sometimes wish we were a communist country
so i could see somebody getting murdered out there....
dont play victim. you talked the stock market.
Now you Are getting murdered for
making a difference: fanny pacs with patriotic colors.

another crazy ass wanted to push
kids that keep running up and down the stairs
down the stairs to have them stop!
she wanted them to shut up and die,
so she could sleep in

oh my GOD I WISH THIS civilization WOULD MOVE.
im Freaking out a lil.

Murder makes a difference!
execution makes a difference!
you talked the stock market?
push you down the stairs.
you wanted to sleep in peace?
sleep in peace forever.
you just ate a baby?
I screamed. you should scream forever.
dont play victim. im DRIVEN BY

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Charismatic Marine Mega-Fauna Counterattack [Today's News Poem, May 28, 2010]

Charismatic Marine Mega-Fauna Counterattack [Today's News Poem, May 28, 2010]

A whale was bombed from the beach with the fury
Of dynamite charges. Pursuing the motion,
A judge threw harpoons at another; the jury
Was foamed with the blood of the beast from the ocean.

We tread in the liquid. A courtroom reporter
Is bouncing off walls from the blast of the spouting.
The penguins and pinnipeds caught on recorder,
Are leaping from cages to tackle the shouting

Defending attorney. Their legal adviser
Extends just a briefcase to fend off attackers,
Who tear at his face with their beaks and incisors.
The splintering furniture, coated with lacquer

All roils in the courthouse. A tide can't be swelling:
Can't vanquish the dockets—can't spill in the street—
To cover the city, its people, their dwellings
With drowning—like beaches, a scene of defeat.

“Japan rebuffed a threat by Australia to take Tokyo to court over its whaling in the Antarctic, saying on Friday that the annual hunts were permitted under international law and accusing the Australian government of exploiting the issue for political gain.”
– Hiroko Tabuchi and Mark McDonald, The New York Times, May 28, 2010

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Watching Gary Coleman Get His Angel Wings While Flying 1st Class on Devil's Airlines [Twitter Found Poem, May 28, 2010]

Watching Gary Coleman Get His Angel Wings While Flying 1st Class on Devil's Airlines [Twitter Found Poem, May 28, 2010]

I had over 100K as a toddler. money was no object to me.
I was part of click (sp) 20 strong called real world inc.
I was in the core group but now I only talk to one of em.

I got drunk off sum shit called PinkLemondrops
now I work the corner of Avenue Q.
I was going to work on a movie
starring me And #GaryColeman.
now that will never happen.

I wonder what Conrad Bain thought
when he heard he died? People Didnt Even Know #garycoleman
Was Still Alive Untill He Was Dead.

I heard he was mall cop....
I heard he was trying to get his angel wings....
I heard he was Still Alive Untill He Was Dead
and nobody noticed.
lesson to be learned: quit life while people care.

when it came to making a movie while people Still care
gary coleman came up short.
& now i'm flying to hell in first class flying on devil's airlines
for making jokes on #GaryColeman.

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Homing Chicken, Part II [Today's News Poem May 27, 2010]

Homing Chicken, Part II [Today's News Poem May 27, 2010]

Even a chick has to break its own shell.
Hatched in a classroom, the kids call them 'peeps.'
Tending the cages for birdies to dwell,
Students observe that beneath the cute cheep,
Predators lurk. When the black one falls sick,
Siblings both bury the bird in the chips—
Wood for a grave that the yellow ones kick.
Golden like sunlight that's ready to drip
Off of a cloud that evaporates soon
After that instant. The birdlings are burned.
Death by the heater that gave them the boon—
Life and then ashes: the lesson kids learned.

“Powerful governments and political expediency are helping to perpetuate torture, war crimes and other human rights abuses around the world, Amnesty International said Thursday in its annual report.”
– Mark McDonald, The New York Times, May 27, 2010

“The dire impact of the massive Gulf spill was apparent Sunday on oil-soaked islands where pelicans nest as several of the birds splashed in the water and preened themselves, apparently trying to clean crude from their feet and wings.
Pelican eggs were glazed with rust-colored gunk in the bird colony, with thick globs floating on top of the water. Nests sat precariously close the mess in mangrove trees.”
– GREG BLUESTEIN and MATTHEW BROWN, The Associated Press, Sunday, May 23, 2010

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Hungry Horny Hippos On An Alligator Cloud [Twitter Found Poem, May 27, 2010]

Hungry Horny Hippos On An Alligator Cloud [Twitter Found Poem, May 27, 2010]

float on an alligator cloud.
win Sex with an alligator.
bite like an alligator.
it is just a game.
bite off the face of your face
and float with the cloud
to Lizard City.....

Lizard City looks like an alligator City but is coo as hell.....
on Fire like hell. Lizard City is just a cloud
on Fire like hell. go have some Sex and the City
alligator..... on an alligator cloud.
This game is called Nuclear Fire Crocodile Killer.
r u kidding me?!
it is just a game.
I killed me?!
it is just a game.
I give you an alligator cloud
for your/my face to bite off the face that feeds you/me.

the cloud Upon which I float I called
the City, before I played the game
called Nuclear Fire Crocodile Killer,
I ate like a snapping turtle like A hungry hungry HOUSE HIPPO,
I made a City on a cloud!!
I killed you/me and it is just a game.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Ancient One's Invisible Hand is a Tentacle [Today's News Poem (Sonnet), May 26, 2010]

The Ancient One's Invisible Hand is a Tentacle [Today's News Poem (Sonnet), May 26, 2010]

Tentacles wander the fathoms; they're searching:
Grasping for nourishment, seeking possession.
Corals are crumbled and sucked by the lurching
Feelers with mouths—they've a hungry aggression.
Cold is a measure of distance. The suckers
Latch to the pebbles, atolls, to the beaches...
Grinding the islands, appendages pucker,
Kissing the nourishment flecks that it leeches.
Diving again: submerging and seeking
Treasures in castles of sand that are tended
Laxly, but helpless is better. The ekings
Animals struggle to keep are upended
With grasps from the ocean. A smothering tether
That taps its own hunger will draw all together.

“At least 44 people were said to be dead after a third day of violence in Kingston, Jamaica, as security forces assaulted the slum stronghold of armed groups believed to be defending accused Jamaican drug lord Christopher "Dudus" Coke... Much of the problem, authorities say, lies with the long-festering issue of Jamaica's criminal organizations, many centered in Kingston's shantytowns, and the rise of powerful "dons." In exchange for the community's protection of their illicit activity, these figures offer services that the government at times doesn't, such as welfare and local justice. Mr. Coke is among the most powerful of these men.”
– Joel Millman and Nicholas Casey, The Wall Street Journal, May 26, 2010, 1:54pm ET

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You Can Pretend You Don't Know Anything About EVERYTHING But The Truth!!![Twitter Found Poem, May 26, 2010]

You Can Pretend You Don't Know Anything About EVERYTHING But The Truth!!![Twitter Found Poem, May 26, 2010]

A censor is a person who knows more
than he or she thinks he she ought to.

afraid of conversation? afraid of your perspective?
afraid of Public opinion turning against Chanel!!!?
let's fix that, mister or missus BP!!!

Permanently Delete EVERYTHING on your PC
on your oil leak. Chanel Wipes it clean.
The Net interprets censorship as damage, and routes around it.
I interpret you as the damage of Chanel!!!

Chanel routes around you, and censors
your greatest sins and tragedies.
you can Delete everything and never see
what you dont like never again.

A vain person can be a very unintelligent one!
but Double standards at their best
Permanently Delete EVERYTHING.
You can Pretend You Don't Know Anything
About EVERYTHING but the truth!!!

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

All Text is Born Senile [Today's News Poem (Sonnet), May 25, 2010]

All Text is Born Senile [Today's News Poem (Sonnet), May 25, 2010]

Memory locked in the cabinet's waiting...
Dust may inspect what the ledgers have hidden...
Ink has no secrets. Its lover is baiting
Curious eyes; with a body forbidden.
Paper's enticing, inert yet attractive.
Passion with posture—its poise is its mettle.
Leaping the keyboard to folders marked 'active.'
Pages are athletes before they can settle,
Aging in boxes of metal, in folders.
Lonely—they whisper their letters to strangers.
Senile from birth they confess to the holders
Memories pages recite. And the danger
Of burning: the last of the acts of the curling—
A last pirouette—and the memo is whirling!

“BP Plc told congressional investigators on Tuesday that pressure tests on a drill pipe showed a fundamental mistake hours before the deadly explosion that caused the Gulf of Mexico oil leak, a memo released by two congressmen showed.”
– Timothy Gardner editing by Philip Barbara and Bill Trott, Reuters, Wed May 26, 2010 12:26am EDT

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I'm My Own Bitch Now [Twitter Found Poem, May 25, 2010]

I'm My Own Bitch Now [Twitter Found Poem, May 25, 2010]

You've wasted your life.
I was gonna be ur bitch
and get away with it.
I really dnt feel bad now..
i was gunna type my number
in your motorola flip phone
and get away with it. forget yall.
today was Geek Pride Day.
I dnt have to do anything for you.
My inner geek is starving for a Star
Wars shirt, Superman undies,
comics and Baldur's Gate.
Well, that explains a lot.
I really dnt feel bad now.
I was gonna be ur bitch
But now i'm My own inner geek BITCH!!

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Uranium Fruit [Today's News Poem, May 24, 2010]

Uranium Fruit [Today's News Poem, May 24, 2010]

I am aching. The fullness of what
I've become is unstable and soon
I'll expand and fulfill the design
That the makers—who mined and then cut
Me for centrifuge—spun as a boon
From my essence. To them I define
The philosophy stones can command.
You may call me forbidden—the fruit
From a tree, but I'm nothingness. Dense,
I'm a paragon, truly, of grand
Aspirations. To horde, not to shoot.
As a treasure, I'm vaulted and tense
For the trigger—the launch—I am fissile:
The epiphany waits in a missile.

“A Defense Department spokesman in Washington, Bryan Whitman, said the naval exercises would be conducted “in the near future” and would be aimed at improving the ability of South Korea and the United States to detect enemy submarines and halt banned shipments of nuclear materials. The announcement was the Pentagon’s first concrete response in the escalating tensions between North and South Korea over what South Koreans have called the deliberate sinking by the North of one of their warships two months ago.”
– Choe Sang-Hun and Thom Shanker, The New York Times, May 24, 2010

“The United States will review Iran's proposal to ship enriched uranium to Turkey and plans to consult with France and Russia on the next steps, the U.S. State Department said Monday. ”
– Natasha Mozgovaya and DPA, Haaretz, Latest update 22:22 24.05.10

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No Reincarnation for Zombies [Twitter Found Poem, May 24, 2010]

No Reincarnation for Zombies [Twitter Found Poem, May 24, 2010]

There is rarely a time when I am not agonizing.
a kitten and a white rat were lovers.
THE white rat said he'd pay for half an abortion,
so he gave THE kitten a hard punch
and OUT came a white mouse.
which was eaten by THE white rat.

I remember when I was not agonizing
with karmic illness. a LONG time ago.
It was like a natural disaster,
a trip to zombie land.
I had to conform, caught in a State of Emergency
with government ninjas. They HAVE ALWAYS SAID
WAIT UNTILL They give the waddyasay.
YOU HAVE one life, one #.
YOU are caught in a State of Emergency.
So don't die.

I had quit my job.
I had to Kidnap me to make me happy.
I skipped town & got a new #.
I had to be reborn.
zombie friends from this life
might become strangers in future life.
or might not be reborn...

Who were they? THE kitten & white rat??
friends from a past life??
and the white mouse??
my Child in a future life??

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Centrifugal Force [Today's News Poem, May 23, 2010]

Centrifugal Force [Today's News Poem, May 23, 2010]

Whose excess of faith is intact?
Whose coffee in paper is cupped
In fists that can cradle a fact
And comfort and never erupt

With more than a protest. We sip
And gushers of plenty fulfill
Demands on the harnessed. We grip
The planet so tightly we spill

Some drops in to space—where it's gas
That dissipates—following prayers
From earlier eras and pass
Away from our grip. And our heirs

Already are losing their bond
With ancestors flying away—
I'm drifting to edges beyond
The limits. I'm watching them spray

The surface of earth. They ignite
The clouds and the birds all collapse.
The oceans are burning new light
Like stars or the sun or perhaps

Like embers of paper in heaps
They lit with our excrement, books.
And farther we drift as they reap—
I think— the whole orb. There it cooks.

“Saying BP has "from day one, frankly not fulfilled the mission it was supposed to fulfill," Interior Secretary Ken Salazar expressed frustration Sunday with the delay in stopping an underwater oil gusher 33 days after an oil rig exploded and sank in the Gulf of Mexico.
"I have no question that BP is throwing everything at the problem," Salazar said. "Do I have confidence that they know exactly what they're doing? No."
But he and other federal officials likened the task to an "Apollo 13" mission.”
– CNN Wire Staff, CNN, May 23, 2010 -- Updated 1933 GMT (0333 HKT)

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Guidance System by @LordBeelzebub [Twitter Found Poem, May 23, 2010]

Guidance System by @LordBeelzebub [Twitter Found Poem, May 23, 2010]

ridin a skateboard on the freeway
On my way back from the forest.
an old volvo driving 95 flies past me.
Car next to me swerving.
I see she is texting
her @LordBeelzebub .

On the highway headin to cleveland
We are all lost.
some seek guidance
from a missile.
Others look for Jesus.
I'm looking for the money tree.

Car next to me gives me
AN ugly look. is the look I have on my face
the look of AN angry face?
I thought I had a common-sense-laden, ugly face.

@LordBeelzebub texts her back.
she gives me AN *evil smile*
she *pulls out pistol & shoots*
at my ugly face.
She swerves into me.
i'm bleeding to death.
she takes so long to kill me
before she takes my map...
my skateboard...
my face...
she is going to get her soul
recharged by the money tree.
I won't Die in the hospital.
I Die On the highway.

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Friday, May 21, 2010

From Transcendental Idealism to Materialism [Today's News Poem (Sonnet), May 21, 2010]

From Transcendental Idealism to Materialism [Today's News Poem (Sonnet), May 21, 2010]

From superstrings, to skeins of life, the strands
Are tangled. Caught between effects and cause,
They snarl together: knotted into bands.
Shall combination serve the final laws
Of flux? Where epicycles meet at last—
With Einstein, Bohr—if not in flesh, then mind?
Remake the world: a mold from human cast.
Induction meets deduction—both designed
To meet the middle totem: merging thought
With measurement. We make autonomous
And yet connected, everything we've wrought,
Imagined. Otherwise anonymous,
Our nightmares harmonize with cosmic spheres—
Made live through our homogenizing gears.

“Bioethicists have reacted with caution to the announcement that scientists in the US have created the first synthetic living cell. Dr Craig Venter's team announced their landmark discovery in Science magazine. They have succeeded in transplanting synthetic DNA for a bacterium into a host cell. But what are the ethical implications of their discovery?”
– BBC, 13:56 GMT, Friday, 21 May 2010 14:56 UK

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Kentucky Stir-Fried Pigeon [Twitter Found Poem, May 21, 2010]

Kentucky Stir-Fried Pigeon [Twitter Found Poem, May 21, 2010]

I went to KFC. fuck me.
Now I have gas. Grossssssss!!!
BUT McDonalds Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut
OVERALL THIS Freedom is the very source
of creativity for both individuals and society.

A lot of people have nice cars, but only a few people have gas.
fuck me. Most people have gas
from fast food and OIL
Most people have food
from fast food WARS.

Freedom is the very source
isnt that the #1 perk to this office nonsense?
endless war cookies??

trynna figure out how things got so far outta hand??
your fat ASS. Grossssssss!!!
If I had any food, OIL, nice cars,
OR video games... instead of pumping gas
from my ASS, Refining it and driving
their nice cars with it...
If I were a pigeon OR a Chicken
OR a gorgeous foreign girl with an amazing set of eyes,
a street walking cheetah with a heart full of napalm
would launch nuclear missiles
and Kentucky stir-fry my ASS

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Warning: No Toylit For Tomorrow, May 22

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cosmos of Flesh [News Poem, May 20, 2010]

Cosmos of Flesh [News Poem, May 20, 2010]

You wake from your slumber. You're thirsty and sweating.
You're stiff in the spine and the hips as you hobble
To fill up your belly with water to placate
The jailor who hijacks your dreams of what? Riches?
Of love? You're an idiot, hoping that nothing
Will change, but it does! And your cradle, your bedroom
Can't save you from gnashing your teeth with the knowledge
Of withering. Sleep is no refuge, nor willful
Forgetting the rescue you crave. In the flushing
Of blood, in the flow of the cells—in the circuit
Of life—you are pregnant with microbes, the mother
Of fragments of mystery. Symbiotes lurking
The chambers of colons, of sinus, of eyelash
Are seeking a balance, by coming together
In Eden inside you; be fearless, not fearful—
Connect to the cosmos of flesh: you will perish.

“The US Human Microbiome Project has sequenced the genomes of 178 members of the community of microbes that calls the human body home.”
– Heidi Ledford,, May 20, 2010

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A Pretty Cool Psychic Guy [Twitter Found Poem, May 20, 2010]

A Pretty Cool Psychic Guy [Twitter Found Poem, May 20, 2010]

New Mechanism for psychic Dominance over matter:
search for the swaggnificence within your self.
If you really want to destroy a mind,
Meditate for 5 minutes a day.
It does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop.

Don't ever lie to me. I have a latent psychic ability.
I will Mind melt you with my geek-attack
like a Large Hadron Collider.
how is the reception for my
psychic Dominance over matter?
do you like my new music?
I call it music by a psychic Rogue Pulsar.
does it make You Crazy?
good really good.
my New Mechanism for psychic Dominance over
people and amateurs.
I'm GONNA broadcast my psychic laser.
YOU GONNA hear the voice of the god particle.
I'm Large Hadron Collider. a pretty cool guy.
I searches for Higgs boson
and doesn't afraid of anything.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Soldier Discovers the New Pastoral Dynamic [Today's News Poem, May 19, 2010]

A Soldier Discovers the New Pastoral Dynamic [Today's News Poem, May 19, 2010]

You want me to dig it? I'll dig it. Don't bury
The farmer who struggles to pay off the city.
The treasure's interred in the paddy I reckon.

I welcome you back to the earth that sustains us.
Your grave will have flowers and incense for Buddha.
My treasure, you're hidden from duties and honors;

My friend, you're a grain that is full for the harvest.
The mouths that will feed on the corn that you sprouted
Shall praise what is given from that which was taken:

Together the proxy and source—both combining
The scythe from the forge and the crop of the planet
Together—recycled like souls in the nothing.

“Thaksin, ousted in a bloodless 2006 military coup, is denounced by adversaries as Thailand's most corrupt politician. To his anti-government supporters, who set Bangkok ablaze on Wednesday, he is a savior.
Speaking from an undisclosed location, Thaksin said the crackdown on "red shirt" protesters, which killed six people and wounded 58, could degenerate into widespread violence.
"There is a theory saying a military crackdown can spread resentment and these resentful people will become guerrillas," Thaksin told Reuters as troops fought protesters in Bangkok, sparking violence in outer provinces.”
– Nopporn Wong-Anan, Reuters, Wed May 19, 2010 6:05pm EDT

“Armored vehicles and snipers may win the battle to push the red-shirt protesters out of Bangkok, but the government is losing the war to hold back the course of Thailand's history. The nation's economic and social aspirations have outrun its elite-focused political institutions. The key to understanding Thailand's current conflict, which is a grim reminder of murderous confrontations between protesters and security forces in 1973, 1976 and 1992, is rural Thailand, where about two-thirds of the population lives.”
– Andrew Walker, The Wall Street Journal, Accessed online MAY 20, 2010, on May 19, 2010 at 4:26pm PST

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Reverend Bonaparte and Reverend Einstein [Twitter Found Poem, May 19, 2010]

Reverend Bonaparte and Reverend Einstein [Twitter Found Poem, May 19, 2010]

If you have love and compassion towards all living beings,
then kill children and loud ugly babies...
It is outrageous that we take for granted that we kill children
for reminding us all that we are forced
to abort the children of our enemies.

kill the fucking enemy; kill kill
the fucking Baby mama; burn, burn, the motherfucker...
the Baby mama fucker to the ground.

The smell of sterilized babies
smells like My Right to Enrich me.
fewer people? You guessed It !!!

your Daughter hands me a plate with playdough
on it. "I got you some pancakes. They're made in China"
your children hands me a plate with all your treasure.
I pay my child's math teacher Reverend Einstein
and I pay Reverend Bonaparte: my child's ethics teacher.

Be careful or she Might Be my new Baby mama.
the greatest enemy of truth is Blind belief in
democracy and human rights.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

From Gas to Sauce [News Poem, May 18, 2010]

From Gas to Sauce [News Poem, May 18, 2010]

You mean I could have packed
Myself inside a trunk,
And floated past the bridge?
A riptide could have pulled
Me past baleen and shells,
Along the sandy coast?
A crab to pinch my ass,
The clams to laugh at me?

And long before I'd get
Too far, I'd snag upon
The brownish-greenish kelp.
Too far from rescuers,
I'd sink below the leaves
And watch the tide possess
The bladders filled with air:
A message for my home.

“The unidentified woman was white or a light-skinned Latina and appeared to be in her 30s, police said. Her body was in the fetal position inside the case, which was found near Folsom Street and the Embarcadero about 8:45 a.m... A young child walking on the Embarcadero noticed the suitcase and alerted a relative, who called authorities...”
– Jaxon Van Derbeken, San Francisco Chronicle, May 18, 2010

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Evil Satellite of Love [Twitter Found Poem, May 18 2010]

Evil Satellite of Love [Twitter Found Poem, May 18 2010]

My day would be completely PERFECT if I Didn't
have INDOSAT crash right in front of the high school.

fly me AWAY from the moon
AWAY from high school.
to love. I need a new sidekick.

Meet me in outer space.
Nobody is perfect here
THERE or really anywhere.
I have a lil secret. . .
I am nobody.
Nobody is perfect
Therefore, I am perfect!

I get a lot of people threatening my life
because I catch them in my high school.
I may just ship them on a satellite
when I get bored with them.

I just heard a story that would curl your toes
& enrage you all at the same time.
after hours of agony in orbit
my last boyfriend
crashed going 2 mph right outside the high school.

People have a capacity for evil that always surprises.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Homing Chicken [Today's News Poem (Sonnet), May 17, 2010]

Homing Chicken [Today's News Poem (Sonnet), May 17, 2010]

From chips of beaks to clouds in pigeon-flight,
The wings descend from craggy tiles of clay.
The buses pass the birds of gray and white.
The flock descends to peck on trash and play
The street for moments, taking flight at last.
I saw their nests. I heard the peep of chicks.
And later, after dinnertime, I passed
Another rite. Your son was sobbing—sick.
He said his class had hatched and raised from eggs
A flock of orphaned chickens: science-farm.
At dinnertime he saw the drumstick leg
Was once a ball of fluff they held in arms.
And somehow everything must lose its way
Between the time of birth and last decay.

“June live cattle were flat at 93.25 cents a pound; August feeder cattle shed 0.12 cent to $1.1285 a pound; June lean hogs lost 0.65 cent to 82.90 cents a pound; and July pork bellies tumbled 1.30 cents to $1.0010 a pound. ”
– Associated Press, 4 Hours ago as of 1:22pm PST, May 17, 2010

“The Calvary Episcopal Church in Danvers launched a new monthly prayer service for dogs on Sunday, called the "Perfect Paws Pet Ministry."”
– WBZ CBS 38,CBS Broadcasting Inc., May 17, 2010 8:15 am US/Eastern

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I Gotta Feed You Me and MY Horse [Twitter Found Poem, May 17, 2010]

I Gotta Feed You Me and MY Horse [Twitter Found Poem, May 17, 2010]

lmaoooooo I'm getting really sick of 'wrong' or 'right'
when you need to be looking for a job.
I dont care about if you detect horse pee on your pillow.
take a shower

#StopTalkingAbout a tv SHOW!!!
please cheer me up a little. I'm in such a bad mood.
I dated the mexican horse NAKED?!
the mexican horse did me wrong.
He was the cutest horse I have ever seen.
I'd cry in a pillow.

Get that ASSHOLE horse OUT of MY house!!!
I'd actually like to ride the horse NAKED
for the next 4 1/2 hours.
I'd actually like to have his foal.
I'd like to do laundry, clean, feed my horse,
Get better and better with that thing with ma tongue
and a horse MEMBER
And do an episode ON me talk show about Furries.
I'm going to work
for all three of US.
I should Get you two OUT of MY house!!!
I'd like to be ON tv!!!
but I gotta feed you me and MY horse.

I had a pregnancy test
gotta find the results...
please LORD NO
cheer me up a little.
I'm getting better and better
I need another day.

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Altar for Piranhas [Today's News Poem (Sonnet), May 16, 2010]

Altar for Piranhas [Today's News Poem (Sonnet), May 16, 2010]

Today was canceled. Pack your bags and walk
Away from vending boxes selling bags
Of neon hue—against the beige—and talk.
The chatter's constant. Televisions nag
On altars propped above the greasy seats.
A woman drops her phone; a moment's pause
In conversation. Crowds of people bleat...
I'm deaf. My ears were snapped to bits by jaws
With orange caps and sparkle ankle boots.
Processional piranhas dressed in red
Observe the ceremony. Each salutes
The mouth for eye and ear—from color lead,
For hungry masses: inspiration's screen.
It gobbles up their cud, then beams a scene.

“Flights were cancelled across large parts of Britain today as the continuing disruption from the volcanic ash cloud reignited tensions between airlines and the aviation safety watchdog.”
– Dan Milmo & Martin Wainwright, The Guardian, Sunday 16 May 2010 22.10 BST

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Mother Nature Spirits Never Bought a Puppy [Twitter Found Poem, May 16, 2010]

Mother Nature Spirits Never Bought a Puppy [Twitter Found Poem, May 16, 2010]

I have learned not to worry
but to honor its coming with all my heart.
I honor all the gifts of love, good people and things in my life.
I love Mother Nature, two deer, and Whoever said
you can't buy love never bought a puppy!

so What is up with all this cloud cover?
I need something positive.
Sunshine! Trees! Fresh air!
I need A blissful day connecting with nature
spirits and beautiful people

I saw another coyote the other day
and I keep finding corpses in the backyard.
my puppy!
Excuse me, Mother Nature.. What is up
with all this cloud cover?
Crap! nature spirits Tornado warning.
is it my incomplete participation in ceremony of the consecration of
nature spirits?
Earthquake hits my backyard ! ! !
Mother nature spirits Tornado hits my
mama outside.
Mother nature spirits dishing it out everywhere.
stop it!!!!!
I'm mad you keep warning me.
I'm Tired of finding corpses in the backyard
I'm sick with a real knowledge of the human soul.

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

See Dick [Guest News Poem, May 15, 2010, by Cuff Link]

See Dick
By Cuff Link
You like sandwiches? Dick likes ‘em too. Dick likes sandwiches that give him gas and vapid thoughts that fill his happy nose. Do you like dreams? Dick likes ‘em. Big dreams about smoking grass on Dick’s boat. Surprised? Surprised to hear that Dick's brain has two sides? Well that is disconcerting. What if Dick woke up in the wrong brain? No yacht, no grass, no mood to swing from just the overwhelming temptation to huddle into a “life fire zone”.

How weird. What a weird thing to happen. What an odd Dick thought. No more Dick love for sandy beaches, two arms full of Thai hooker. Rock hard thoughts moving us toward the water’s edge. Just an idea’s kiss, lightning bug movement into blue light. Like feeling 7.62 rip through your liver? Falling face down into that swollen funnel of conscious. once massaged with toasted rye bread and a little prosciutto. “Oh this sucks,” Dick might say. A futile hand pressed to the side, staunching the flow of all those thoughts. A grimaced glance up toward the sky. “Now why would I do that?” Says Dick. “The thought of it just makes me hungry.”


For more Cuff Link go to and don't forget to read The Chicken Whisperer

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SUNFLOWERS [Guest News Poem, May 15, 2010 by Jeff Chon]

SUNFLOWERS [Guest News Poem, May 15, 2010 by Jeff Chon]
Jeff Chon

We always love the ones who snap
our stems, steal us away
and run bony fingers along
our petals. They only want
to be our sunlight, so we nuzzle
against their piebald ribcages,
outstretched like heliotropic children.

Jeff Chon edits You can also read him at

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Autumn Stargazer [Today's News Poem, May 15, 2010]

Autumn Stargazer [Today's News Poem, May 15, 2010]

I panicked. I drank it. I sucked up the river.
The jungle was slimy, the ocean was salty,
The desert was arid; I lounged on the prairie.
I burped up the bones of the fish in the ocean.
The plankton consumed it, I'm certain they flourished.
And somewhere a creature subsists on my garbage.
I'm certain that something evolves in the sewer.
I claw through the mountains in search of my succor
In baubles; like rubies and diamonds. The treasure
In heaps in my pasture looks heady. The seasons
Are changing. My belly is full, but the omens
Are certain. I ponder my fate from my vista—
The oak—and I notice the cosmos are shining.

“On Friday there was renewed panic selling and the euro slid to an 18-month low against the dollar after reports that French president Nicolas Sarkozy threatened to pull his country out of the single currency to force Germany to agree to the multi-billion rescue plan. Trichet said: "There is always the danger of contagion in the market. And this can happen very quickly, sometimes within a few hours."”
– Julia Kollewe, The Observer, Sunday 16 May 2010

“A $1 trillion rescue package unveiled at the week's start gave only temporary relief to investors, who are increasingly worried about the impact of the crisis on the global recovery and the euro. ”
– Caroline Valetkevitch, Reuters, May 14, 2010 8:48pm EDT

“Four East African states have signed an agreement to seek more water from the River Nile - a move strongly opposed by Egypt and Sudan. ”
– BBC, 16:18 GMT, Friday, 14 May 2010 17:18 UK

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Gard Your Hart From the Clones [Twitter Found Poem May 15, 2010]

Gard Your Hart From the Clones [Twitter Found Poem May 15, 2010]

finding You on a subway
with all these creepers on THE train
You asked "Why is he wearing such silly hats?"
I said "with all these Clones
with all these lil kids that fall out in the middle of the street,
with needy people who always crying
I am sick of Being jealous.”

I speak of Helen and Theseus!!!
We French kissed on a subway train.
You tore my clothes right off.

Craziness is like heaven.
You tore my my brain right off.
You left my hart in the middle of the street.
and said You killed 108 ppl.
You said I have to go crazy.

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Haunted Androids [Mixed-Media Collaboration, May 15, 2010; Art by R Toady, Poetry by K.W.]

Haunted Androids
Art by Rutherford Toady
Poetry by Khakjaan Wessington

I) Genesis of the Lament
Seized and snipped, placenta
Bagged then burned, they branded...
Mother! Doctors etched an
Order, “Live” upon my
Brow! All wet with after
Birth—the lights were blinding.
Greenish curtains bore the
Yolk from which I burst. An
Angel said before my
Birth, the drain creates an
Eye with steady gaze that
Meets the rinser's guilty
Glance. My best dregs gurgled.

II) Homunculus Adopts the Golem
Through the slivers of clouds comes a beam
For the evening: the moon is my rune
In the night. So I follow the seams:
Through the yards, and the fences on dune.
May the cobwebs protect me! I crept.
I was drawn to the chorus I heard.
It was beautiful croaking—I wept
In the mists and the doorway. A bird
Made of leather was perched on a stand.
She's the sister of golems—the hen
For my skull—and she hatched me a wren
From my scalp. I extended my hand.

Rutherford Toady is also a great writer. Go to for more art and poetry.

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Friday, May 14, 2010

The King is a Pawn [Today's News Poem, May 14, 2010]

The King is a Pawn [Today's News Poem, May 14, 2010]

The endgame approaches. The pieces are playing
On boards that they own, for the pawn is the monarch
When fending a square from attackers: its battles,
Predestined by mystery masters. Their plans are
Inscrutable: patient conspiracies playing
The King as the puppet. Invisible forces
Resolve what's uncertain for chessmen: they struggle
As gambits unfold and the game's been determined.

“At least eight people were killed and up to 121 injured during a day of violence between anti-government protesters and troops which drew months of stand-off in Bangkok closer to an endgame.”
– The Times Online, May 14, 2010

“A chaotic day of deadly street violence in southern Kyrgyzstan ended Friday with the interim government retaking control of administration buildings in two southern cities.”
– Andrew E. Kramer, The New York Times, May 14, 2010

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Demon Face Warp Final Exam [Twitter Found Poem, May 14, 2010]

Demon Face Warp Final Exam [Twitter Found Poem, May 14, 2010]

feel so stupid now. I'm trying
study study test for Wednesday.
learning the demon face warp.
i am terrified that i'm going to spell myself
into a super cute oil powered spike covered snake
for Wednesday test, forever!!

well... I did it !! I passed the test
forever. my face work no more.
it's broken !!

"Oh how awesome work is with no power" ????
you Think it's "bad ass" to be
a super cute oil powered spike covered snake

i am learning how oil would stay
with me FOREVER.
no awesome solar-powered fire
powered demon face for you no more.
fall off the face of the earth
JUmp Off A Cliff..
i am learning how to transform
the broken earth into fire fire
fire fire fire fire fire fire!!!!

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Supercrook Flies Up Up And Away [Today's News Poem, May 13, 2010]

Supercrook Flies Up Up And Away [Today's News Poem, May 13, 2010]

Tuning to news and catching the clip:
Cops in pursuit of robbers—or twits.
Packing the drive in briefcase, I watch
Shots on the freeway-fantasy-trip;
Calling my banker: “wire me my split.”
Burning my files, I finish my scotch.
Clients are screaming curses—I think.
Disconnect phones, I watch as they clink
Cuffs on the rookie driving to jail.
Flight's in two hours. Up is my bail.

“Authorities say they've captured a bank robbery suspect in Long Beach following a freeway chase and a shooting but the four-hour hunt continues for possible accomplices. He was captured Thursday afternoon when tear gas flushed him from a hiding place under Interstate 405. The gas sparked a brushfire on a freeway median that was quickly contained.”
– The Associated Press, 05/13/2010 03:10:59 PM PDT

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FOR SALE [Toylit Classifieds, May 13, 2010, by Rytis]

By Rytis

1993 Nissan Pathfinder SE - $1500
(New York City - Times Square Area)

V6, automatic, 3rd owner 178,625 miles (I only did 40), engine runs strong, doesn't burn or use oil, good 4wd and drivetrain, solonoid sticks sometimes - a few clicks, then it starts. there's either a crack in vacuum line on the intake manifold, or the fuel pump is on the way out, because you have to keep a little pressure on the gas pedal after it warms up - or it'll stall. good heat. pistons that hold up rear hatch needs to be replaced. some body rust, mainly in front and back of rear wheelwell. a little recent smoke damage, but it'll air out. this truck never let me down. all she needs is a little tlc. thanks for looking.

good 31" yokahama tires
rebuilt tranny
custom dual exhaust
power windows
power locks
seat warmers
remote start (doesn't work dammit)
sony 10 disc shuffle
front bangbar
WMD mudflaps

oh, there's some stuff in the back seat: a box of fertilizer (planting a garden?), some unused fireworks (great for the kids for 4th of july). also a couple of propane tanks for a barbecue, and even some full gas cans for that extra long road trip if you want to hit the road. I am. I'm leaving the country and must sell immediately, my flight for Dubai leaves yesterday if you know what i mean.

Tried to donate it Viacom for their next Comedy Central South Park episode, but they said no thanks. Those guys are really culturally insensitive with their depictions of Mohammed, praised be his name. If you share my mid eastern values I can give you some great ideas of what you can do with this truck. if not, she still purrs like a kitten and will get you to the mosque on Fridays.

- Location: Times Square
- It's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests unless you're selling a detonator that really works


Read more Rytis here:

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SWAT the Revolutionary Dolphin Turtle [Twitter Found Poem, May 13, 2010]

SWAT the Revolutionary Dolphin Turtle [Twitter Found Poem, May 13, 2010]
Tweets+Edits= #twitterfoundpoem

Solution for oil spill and leak. Set it ON FIRE.
an eternally burning oil fire.
use the swat team: Outnumbered but never outgunned.
they are adorable even though
they are barely picking up everyones trash...

the swat team turned from the fire
cus there's a bank robber in the bushes.
Like 20 SWAT members have automatic weapons
pointed on one Dolphin turtle bank robber.

You can jail a Revolutionary Dolphin turtle
but you can't jail the Revolution.
black guy deaths are Nothing.
Revolutionary Dolphin turtle deaths
are less than Nothing.
You can gun down a Revolutionary Dolphin turtle
in Richmond near the oil refinery buyin some CRACK.
You can Set it ON FIRE
because a Revolutionary Dolphin turtle
Has no friends
no black panthers to keep fighting for them.
SWAT doesn't hate Revolutionary Dolphin turtle
as people. they hate them as reptiles.

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Choke on the Bit [Guest News Poem, May 13, 2010, By Rutherford Toady]

Choke on the Bit
By Rutherford Toady

Welcome to the triple-X ranch, where we work hard to break the faux-virginal sissypants pop smears, who in reality are far from pure and in fact have been repeatedly molested by impotent politicians wearing giant strap-ons molded in the shape of their favorite popes. After being buggered by a Pius XXX phallus for years, young stallions such as Justin Bieber can’t help but hurl up wall after wall of protective stony smiles, the ivory fences of their pearly whites being the only part of them not yet scrimshawed with the graffiti tags of corporate logos. The fillies fare even worse; take Miley Cyrus, her tween twat long since marked with the mark of the bestialist, her bust wet from the slobberings of every linebacker faggot who could unclog the blow from his nostrils long enough to get his pecker hard enough to pork her prepubescent pussy. Eventually the scorch-marks from the branding irons scab over and these girls stop shitting bits of cellphone into the bloody basin every morning, stop vomiting up the gobs of spermy vodka that get caught in the backs of their throats like an extra uvula. Yes, eventually our little Britneys and Lilos grow up and become the glassy-eyes nags they were always destined to be, singing with sandpaper rasps and shaving their snatches like they were still thirteen. We put them out to pasture then, but only after riding them into the dirt, those skeletal cumbags whose bloated udders will soon scrape the ground like swollen condoms. We scratch our names in their hides with our spurs, laugh when they get their hooves caught in their own stirrups. We ride them fast and ride hard, and keep plying them with visions of apples and sugarcubes, and when they complain that we don’t deliver the goods, we remind them that this poor falling-apart old world could always use a little more glue. Now, giddy the fuck up!


Visit R. Toady's site:

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Shithouse Lane, USA [Bonus Twitter Found Poem May 12, 2010]

Shithouse Lane, USA [Bonus Twitter Found Poem May 12, 2010]
Tweets+Edits= #twitterfoundpoem

i am shithouse.
i am smell like cat piss.
i did not come to this country for that.
Having sharp memory is great,
but to forget the ability is better.

you called meowing today.
Where is my ability to forget?
i am having serious costume regret.
you can't turn an inventor into house maid!

i am sold dignity and respect for kitty litter.
i did not come to this country for that.
Having a sharp memory is not great,
i am shithouse. such arre my regret
HAHAHAH! and yes, thats why everyone was meowing today.
you called today with kittens
you don't care if i am sold
dignity and respect for kitty litter.
you don't care i am afraid of you.

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Blood for the Pasture [Today's News Poem, May 12, 2010]

Blood for the Pasture [Today's News Poem, May 12, 2010]

Unnoticed in smog, the specter emerges
Its smile can be seen in traces of cinder
From bellows. The visage revels in freedom
To wander the office; sputtering faxes
And ringing the phonelines. Finally tiring
It slides to the dumpsters: dancing on sewage,
It swims in the gutter. Breaking its record
Of hauntings, it hops on gusts that fly over
The ocean and schoolyards, bringing the fashion
To circuit. The ancient pastors would slaughter
Their offerings, praising spirits that shuttle
Through worlds we can't see, yet summoned for causes
So drastic an era banished the phantoms
To cages. They waited. Faith is returning
For cobwebs and superstitions and notions
Of ghosts in the fog of madness, revealing
The nature of insight: blood for the pasture.

“A West Bladen High School student was injured Wednesday in an after-school shooting on campus, according to the Bladen County Sheriff's Office.”
– Fay Observer, 05:43 PM, Wed May 12, 2010

“An 18-year-old suspect accused in the deadly shooting of a Yates High School student is scheduled to appear in court on Thursday after surrendering to authorities on Tuesday.”
– ALEXANDER SUPGUL, MyFox Houston, 12 May 2010, 1:09 PM CDT

“Unlike perpetrators of several of the previous four attacks, 48-year-old Wu Huanming exhibited no signs of mental illness, according to residents of Lincheng village in southwest Shaanxi province. He was well-off by local standards, and a respected member of the village government.”
– Shai Oster, The Wall Street Journal, MAY 13, 2010

“A TSA worker at Miami International Airport in Florida was arrested for allegedly assaulting a co-worker who had repeatedly teased him about the size of his genitals.”
– Marnie Hunter, CNN, May 7, 2010 3:29 p.m. EDT

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Burn the Gulf [Twitter Found Poem, May 12, 2010]

Burn the Gulf [Twitter Found Poem, May 12, 2010]

All those animals polluting our oil...
You Don't Realize How Dependent You Are On
animals Until they Are gone...
oh well, at least i have Yummy pepper spray
in case @GaryJBusey gets frisky.

Technology Is nearly Gone...
Because of the oil sploosh
some folks are bound to contemplate the true cost
of plant dependency, right? RIGHT?
Because of the oil sploosh,
Because Technology Is nearly Gone...
i have to cook @GaryJBusey in the gulf
oil spill and Burn the gulf
to get whatever i need.

I'm so Dependent On pepper spray
and i get into all kinds of naughty trouble today
and animals and Technology Is nearly Gone...
i'll make a hybrid electric plant
made out of All those leftover animals
to get whatever i need.
i won't contemplate the true cost of dependency.
I hope it should fix itself up tomorrow!

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Pronounced Model Land [Repost of Guest News Poem, May 11 2010, by Misti Rainwater-Lites]

Pronounced Model Land
Misti Rainwater-Lites

Tyra Banks, fairy godpimp
to many a wannabe Gisele Bunchen,
is a literary genius, poised to take
the world by storm with Modelland.
In Modelland the boys and girls
shit strawberry fat free ice cream
and there is no unrequited love
or mediocre hair days. Everyone
is, like, totally hot and all the skyscrapers
are mirrored and the cotton candy clouds
only rain confetti and lingerie.
Choo choo. All aboard for Modelland.
Make me a believer, make this size fourteen
Texas baby mama believe
that such a place exists
and there is room at the inn for me.

To read more Misti Rainwater-Lites, go to

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thanks For the Ride [Bonus Twitter Found Poem, May 11, 2010]

Thanks For the Ride [Bonus Twitter Found Poem, May 11, 2010]

I can't believe I actually found taking my thumbprints fun
And the toilet water was delicious!!!!!
taking a ride with you Gorillas
having my arm broken And being
covered in blood... Wow that was the most
fun I had in my life.
please don't Soak me again.
I Want to keep my thumbprints please.
I like to breathe.
I survived to be friends with you.
Please keep friends like me
around just in case hell grades on a curve.

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Drink-Up. Double-Down [Today's News Poem, May 11, 2010]

Drink-Up. Double-Down [Today's News Poem, May 11, 2010]

The sacred equation's been factored at last.
Collateral gains are the method of chance.
With losses insured, the casino baksheesh
Is kicked to the lobbies—to party elites.
To zero the players the winnings are taxed.
To balance the numbers, house credit expands,
And likewise the house, which resembles Versailles.
The mirrors have cameras, the dining's refined;
The house pays your bills 'till you're zeroed and out—
Who rescues the weak? It's the strong who survive.
Now finish your drink: double-nothing. Your down.

“The European Union (EU) announced a TARP-sized rescue program for its sovereign debt crisis, and relieved global investors sent stock markets surging on Monday.”
– Mark Trumbull, Christian Science Monitor, May 10, 2010

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