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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Pyramids [Today's News Poem, January 25, 2011]

The Pyramids [Today's News Poem, January 25, 2011]

You have wondered where days go, where sweat lands;
And you ponder the pizza, your best friend
When you're weary and used-up from work days.
You're an animal eating the dry crusts
On the floor, by computer, in light-bulb
Serenade; and you laugh at your tv
And you tumble your beer on the hardwood.
In the night an alarm will awake you
As the safety glass fractures on curbside
And you'll wonder who benefits, who cares
As the shrieking subsides down the hillside,
With a sound like the mornings you hate. Rise!

"It takes a lot to terrorize a Russian. Compared to the truly spectacular acts of terrorism and violence that Russians have suffered over the past two decades, today’s suicide bombing at Moscow’s busiest airport, Domodedovo, is too small-time to have much of an effect besides pissing off an already-pissed-off population.... Back in 2004, two passenger jets that took off from this same airport were blown out of the sky by Chechen “black widows”... Eduard Limonov explained to me what he thought was behind the logic: “They understood that Russians wouldn’t be moved if only one plane was blown up, so they blew up two planes simultaneously, just to get our attention,” he said. "
—Mark Ames, Vanity Fair, January 24, 2011, 6:20 PM

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