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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Two Diagrams [Today's News Poem, January 30, 2011]

Two Diagrams [Today's News Poem, January 30, 2011]

Are we atoms? A ball in our models—no nuclei, leave out electrons—
Yoked to our fellows in chains that distort our best properties—moles in a tube.
For example, I want to believe we are one, but I fear and divide us:
Whole by the faction and faction; religion, by piety; piety, doubt.
We are balls on the table, we're racked all together and shot by a player
Known by her aim as she shoots us in pockets, depositing each of us down
To unknown—so we cluster together and hope to survive that last eightball.

"But Mr. Suleiman, a former general, is also the establishment’s candidate, not the public’s. His appointment, and his elevation, if it were to occur, would represent not the democratic change called for on the street, but most likely a continuation of the kind of military-backed, authoritarian leadership that Mr. Mubarak has led for nearly 30 years, experts said."
—MICHAEL SLACKMAN, The New York Times, Published: January 29, 2011

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