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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jimmy Chen's Chicken?

Doesn't he say right here that he enjoys trolling? "I have a fake alias facebook account with no friends or profile that I use to troll people’s walls and photo albums. People trying to look happy always look so sad; people who look sad always look worse; people who look ugly fair well under low resolution; people who look beautiful always seem cruel."

Well if that doesn't just go against the whole spirit of the thing, when I write delightful derision and it's deleted. I don't have the first comment, it just mocks the use of 'fair' when 'fare' is the proper word. I do have the second, because I suspected they were going to delete it:

"My remark was far gentler than anything Jimmy’s anon trolling, but it’s stricken from the record? I call smug, smarmy foul! Did you guys delete like fifty posts mocking the spelling in this post? Did you bid fairwell to them? How did they fair? Are you going to the county fare you jackals? Fie! Fie fie!"

And then I caught myself and noted they enraged me so much I used scesis onomaton. I went on to point out that if I saw that in an HTML GIANT article, it would probably say, 'sceptic automaton.' I didn't save that one either, but you got the soul of the joke.

I am against cyber-wimps. WTF is this chicken shit?

ps: Yeah, I'm sure they defend it as wordplay. Rather inconsistent with the style of the rest of the piece. Other puns of opportunity in there.

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Omens of Predestination [Today's News Poem, August 12, 2010]

Omens of Predestination [Today's News Poem, August 12, 2010]

If a notion to flee from the pavement
And the hydrants possesses you, drive
To the suburbs—beyond! To arraignments
With the meteors over this hive

With its labyrinth-roads—with no exit.
If the omen should fail with a blaze
And the sputtering pieces of flecks hit
And erupt—if the signal is haze;

Then the deity Science commissions
An assault on these roaches and mites
Who still cling to their God of contrition,
Who is helpless to save them from night—

Or from murder and lunacy. Parsons
In the meteor glow scream as arson—
Or let's call it our mother—rejects
Them to favor her killer-Elect.

“A suspect in the killings of five people and the stabbings of 15 others in three states was arrested at the airport here as he tried to board a plane to Israel, the authorities said Thursday morning. The police say the attacks fit a common profile: A tall, stocky man, often in an S.U.V., usually in a deserted area late at night, asks a black man for directions or help with a broken-down car, then attacks them quickly and drives away.”
– Robbie Brown, The New York Times, August 12, 2010

“In June alone, a doctor was stabbed to death in Shandong Province by the son of a patient who had died of liver cancer. Three doctors were severely burned in Shanxi Province when a patient set fire to a hospital office. A pediatrician in Fujian Province was also injured after leaping out a fifth-floor window to escape angry relatives of a newborn who had died under his care... Four years ago, 2,000 people rioted at a hospital after reports that a 3-year-old was refused treatment because his grandfather could not pay $82 in upfront fees. The child died.”
– Sharon LaFraniere, The New York Times, August 11, 2010

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Peacock Dance [#twitterfoundpoem, August 12, 2010]

Peacock Dance [#twitterfoundpoem, August 12, 2010]

If you run into me today, and we make eye contact
I consider that grounds for a dance-fight.
You have been dance-warned.

u ready for action?
then let's dance twinkle toes.
Winner gets the virginity of the loser on his random dick.

I'm gna fight 4 wat's mine
gonna pull off my pants and dance!
likkle banga banga danga banga dhata gwan!

Hey! Call me gay if you want.
I'm still gonna wake u up in the middle of the nite
with your virginity on my random dick.

Those are the Ancient rules governing dance-fight!
now pull off ur pants
and dance!

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