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Monday, February 21, 2011

American RPG [Today's News Poem, February 21, 2011]

American RPG [Today's News Poem, February 21, 2011]

I loaded my game and returned to the sidewalk.
To level, I jaywalked and dodged all the autos.
And somewhere a player is rolling the chances
And notes my encounters with clerks at the grocer.
I've died on the freeway and died on the mountain;
I've fallen off cliffs and been shot in an alley.
My character loaded, returned to the story,
Where datapoints gather the resources, treasure
And play simulation. A city of players
Where oil is from Libya; the trinkets, from China;
American program—add prayers to be certain.

"Several oil companies said they were making plans to evacuate employees from Libya and investors are wondering which oil-producing country may be next to face the wrath of its people. “Political risks is hanging over a big proportion of the world’s oil supplies,” said Simon Derrick, an analyst at Bank of New York Mellon. “I can see safe haven buying the natural outcome of all this.” Particularly strong was a survey showing that business confidence in Germany... Concerns about Portugal’s debt crisis... Earlier in Asia, investors also had their first chance to respond to Friday’s decision by the monetary authorities in China to increase the amount banks hold in reserve."
—Associated Press, February 21, 2011

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