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Friday, November 26, 2010

It's Stalemate, I Know It [Today's News Poem, November 26, 2010]

It's Stalemate, I Know It [Today's News Poem, November 26, 2010]

Hundreds of millions align in their places; as times may assign to the genius or fool, all the power of greatness, or humble position—depending on whimsy, on flimsy conditions of jealousy (crabs in a bucket, I say). And the goal of these capitols, capital, so forth; is play out the game where the values that vanquished reflections can stretch to the orbits of pleasure. The bodies of ice for example, or ore, or a planetoid fit for a home. By android and cyborg, by modified genes; or by robots (the horror!), they'll bring their religions to space and the culture they manage will change as the science of fiction's enacted—enthusiasts changing the realm of ideas into matter, or lifestyle at least. And if something so wondrous can come to fruition, perhaps in our atoms of fission we'll see our reflection—a creator that frowns, but has kept all the mansions in place for the living: the kings of the planet (and minions). This Heaven's immortal—outlasting the sun—and seductive; resistance is futile, innate. Disaster is nothing, defeat's just a game of the gene or idea; and victory's sweet, so I've heard from the fittest, but tying is lethal. The stalemate, the neutral, the kings on the board all alone with their pawns that can't move—that's the finish I think, and we'll orbit our selves, opposition repelling, attracting—both stalking and stalled by munition.

"It would be easy for investors to assume that Spain – like Greece, Ireland and Portugal, those other fiscal offenders on the fringe of the eurozone – is being punished in the bond markets because its public finances are out of control. Easy, but wrong, according to independent economists, market analysts and senior Spanish officials."
—Victor Mallet, The Financial Times, November 26 2010 20:18

"Tension mounted Friday near a South Korean island bombarded this week by North Korea, as the North’s military again fired artillery, this time in what appeared to be a drill on its own territory. "
—MARTIN FACKLER, The New York Times, November 26, 2010

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