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Monday, January 17, 2011

The Career of a Savior [Today's News Poem, January 17, 2011]

The Career of a Savior [Today's News Poem, January 17, 2011]

I poked at my self with a needle a while.
Exchanging the needle for scissors,
I trimmed off the landscapes—some flowers, a hedge.
Spade for the scissor; new lamps for old.
I dug for a treasure, or China at least
And slept in my trench, dodging the shells.
The counter-barrage was exhausted. I rose
Out of the dirt like a zombie god
And traded my spade for a mansion with servants.

"On Saturday, church spokeswoman Shirley Phelps-Roper is expected to get 30 minutes of air time on a Phoenix talk show hosted by Steve Sanchez. And on Monday, the nationally syndicated Mike Gallagher show will give an hour to Ms. Phelps-Roper. “One hour of radio time on my radio show is quite insignificant compared to [what] the grieving families and the mourning families have to go through,” says Mr. Gallagher, a conservative political commentator."
—Lourdes Medrano, Christian Science Monitor, Correspondent / January 14, 2011

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