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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Invisible Servant [Today's News Poem, January 12, 2011]

Invisible Servant [Today's News Poem, January 12, 2011]

Rubble up and rubble down:
Castles gone to ruined stone,
Cane is swaying breezily;
Ships of sweetened blood and brick
Passed the coral reefs to drown.

Pass another packet dear,
Chatter needs a sugar boost.
Idle hands gesticulate.
Coffee: meal of black and bone
Animates the cafe cheer.

All this news can drive you mad;
Drink another cup of joe,
Eat another slice of pie—
Help your gut digest the cause:
Service makes the heart grow glad.

"Tuesday marked the first anniversary of the earthquake that changed the face of a nation. "
—Ivan Watson and Moni Basu, CNN, January 12, 2011 -- Updated 1834 GMT

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