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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

One Final Blessing From Zeus [Today's News Poem, August 25, 2010]

One Final Blessing From Zeus [Today's News Poem, August 25, 2010]

Your jaws gape.
We will shut them.
You speak of love? We
act by gravity.
You question quills
the eldest

of worships
cast to open
mouths? Who pummeled you,
until you propped skins
on wood to block
our whimsy?

Your children
drowned. You fell to
mud but looked above
hoping we would claim
what seemed to sink
below ground.

You think time
is off? That flux
conforms to pacing?
Measurement of change
with memory
is folly.

You must chase
us and bottle
the water of clouds
for the plumbing
your new veins
will require.
You must drink your
ancient enemy;
become us. Only
then will we call
you master.

“More rain threatened Pakistan on Wednesday as aid workers pleaded for more help and additional helicopters to reach hundreds of thousands of people isolated by record floods.
The Pakistan Meteorological Department forecast thundershowers and occasional heavy rain into Friday in Punjab Province, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Province and Kashmir.
On Tuesday, the United Nations said 800,000 people could be reached only by air, and it called for 40 more helicopters from the international community to help take aid to people isolated by the flooding. ”
– Salman Masood, The New York Times, August 25, 2010

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Party at Wedding/Funeral [#twitterfoundpoem, August 25, 2010]

Party at Wedding/Funeral [#twitterfoundpoem, August 25, 2010]

So how goes the plans for shooting your sisters wedding?
God will take care of them...

What does one wear to such an occasion?
A Turban? A bunnet?! Or perhaps a top-hat made of licorice?

What can you say when a love affair is over
after an honor killing? That's what got me a bit fed up.

What are you to say?
"Kudos to pseudos. God will always MAKE YOU HAAAPPPYYY!"

Or perhaps after the family honor is restored
you throw a party: lol omg a Wedding, And Funeral
comming thru --beep,beeep,beeeeep--(; HA !

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