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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This is the new format: if you dislike it, let me know. Also:

1) Let me know if this version is buggy. People were complaining that the old format was messing w/ their computers.
2) Turns out Toylit's been around since 2000. So sez Alexa. Now I don't even need to dig up an old copy of Toylit to scan & prove it.
3) If you're a fan of Toylit, remember to promote/support it. Takes a few clicks & lets me know you appreciate it.
4) News poem in a few hours.

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Nay said...

Oh, fixed up, looking sharp! Very fresh and businesslike. However I find the yellow text a bit difficult to see. Otherwise it loads fine for me!

This Guy said...

This is so much better. So much better.