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Friday, March 05, 2010

No Emotion [Today's News Poem, March 5, 2010]

No Emotion [Today's News Poem, March 5, 2010]

““They said he walked up very cool, like there was no distress,” Chief Keevill said Thursday night, quoting the officers. “He had no real emotion in his face.””
--Thom Shanker and Ian Urbina, New York Times, March 5, 2010

“The men showed no emotion in court today as they were convicted of conspiracy to murder and of belonging to a terrorist group.”
--Lauren Frayer, AOL News, March 4, 2010

“John Albert Gardner III stood in court in shackles with his eyes cast downward, showing no emotion, as an attorney waived arraignment and a reading of the complaint and entered pleas of not guilty in the potential death penalty case.”
--Elliot Spagat, The Associated Press, March 3, 2010

Emotion's not a partial state
Of consciousness. Propensity's
Informed by itch. A scratch will sate
One spot, but not immensities

Of rash. Curtailer of most joy,
It smothers other body pleas;
The itch and scrape's another ploy
Of flesh to trick the self to ease.

The rapist's cock will torture him.
A theist's God will whisper 'smite'
Responding to their worship-hymn.
To paranoids, it's ever night;

In every shadow lurks a slight.
They seek to see the darkness right:
To spare their eyes the strain, they light
The world ablaze

And note the comforting of might.
They flee their pain and scorn delight.

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End of Feb Edition ETA and Other Updates

After the workday today, I'll focus entirely on the End of Feb edition of Toylit. I will exterminate those galling punctuation errors and seize upon poetic opportunities I squandered in my haste to compose. Once I've done that, I will pull older editions of Toylit from distribution and publish the End of Feb edition.

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