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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Riot Lord [Today's News Poem, February 1, 2011]

Riot Lord [Today's News Poem, February 1, 2011]

God is your keyboard; it answers commands.
God is your monitor, casting Its image.
God is electron—a cellular phone.
God is a wavelength and particle bearing.
God is horizon, regression—a mote.
Morale is the faith in the actions of others.
Morale is the person and grouping at once.
Morale is your voice, so you call to the riot.
Morale is the face you impose on the crowd.
Morale is your God—it obeys your commandments.

"King Abdullah of Jordan Tuesday replaced his prime minister after protests over food prices and poor living conditions, naming a former premier with a military background, Marouf Bakhit, to head the government."
—Reuters, Feb 1, 2011 9:37am EST

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