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Sunday, October 03, 2010

The Birds Wave Goodbye [Today's News Poem, October 3, 2010]

The Birds Wave Goodbye [Today's News Poem, October 3, 2010]

What is modernity, but mines and cement and the cables that carry the matter; the mass across the equator, around all this curvature? A serpent on lease. Do we ride on Ygdrassil, on Nidhogg? And planting ourselves on a motion that gnaws all those places we thought were secure, at the roots, at the base of this office of branches, we doze to aroma of lotus intoxicants. Meanwhile the elves and the trolls, all those ancients dismissed in our rush to build to the thunder (eruptions of praise as our rock-pile to heaven); they reach from a puddle of mud and they grasp us and yank on our ankles—connected to feet that have stepped on a loaf. And they pull us away from that gourd that had shielded our face from the sun. It has withered, while we are encased in a statue of granite. The bog witches offer their secret to taming the worm: they never command what the serpent decides—they enable its sharpness. They cackle as; starving, we watch from a dungeon of roots as the world starts to topple. I witness the pollen ascend where my whimsy can't follow. The birds wave goodbye. First the jay in the leaves that have scattered, the doves from the roots that are sideways; and finally eagles, which cry before vacuums have gathered their feathers to launch at the sun.

“The Obama administration’s plans were first reported by the New York Times. The discussions on the issue centered on three areas: requiring that communications services that encrypt messages have a way to unscramble them; mandating that foreign-based providers doing business inside the United States have a domestic office capable of performing intercepts; and ensuring developers of peer-to-peer software redesign their service to allow file interception.”
– Brian Prince,, 2010-10-03

“Researchers analyzing the Stuxnet cyberweapon have found references in its code that could indicate that it was created in Israel. The hint to the origin of the powerful computer virus comes as new information was shed on the virus Thursday during the Virus Bulletin conference in Vancouver, Canada, and amid reports in Chinese media that Stuxnet has widely affected the Internet-savvy country.”
– Arthur Bright, The Christian Science Monitor, October 1, 2010

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Concilie van Chalcedon 451 [#twitterfoundpoem, October 3, 2010]

Concilie van Chalcedon 451 [#twitterfoundpoem, October 3, 2010]

Thanks for the fire. I can feel it.
I can't afford to pay the firemen,
so I really appreciate it.
Thanks Also for the coffee table.
I have relocated it so that
a) I can see the fire and b) feel it.
the firemen come from an ancient Profession
of Arson, so Thanks. a tradition of Arson,
going back to 451 to the Concilie van Chalcedon.
all of the firemen: fair IN HEIGHT.
all 451 of the firemen
burn the notice, These 95 Theses:
all this papal bull.
I got ninety five theses but the pope ain't one...
so Thanks for the tradition of Arson.