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Friday, December 17, 2010

Blood Manna [Today's News Poem, December 17, 2010]

Blood Manna [Today's News Poem, December 17, 2010]

Texting while swerving, a baby
Cries and a shopping cart crumples.
Very embarrassing. Numbers exchange.
All of them call for adjusters
(Dropping the manna in pieces),
Call for attorneys to divvy the spoil:
Small, but sufficient. They motor
Off, while green manna is dusting
Blood in the parking lot, dying but live.
Heirs on the phone have discovered
God once again and they're praying
Manna as green as wet gangrene—as green
Graves, as the light that confirms us
Driving a reckless, excited
Payload wherever the manna's delivered.

"The gun battle moved into the parking lot, witnesses said. A bullet struck 30-year-old Monique Nelson while she was putting her 2-year-old son into her Chevrolet SUV, killing her "
—Suzanne Phan, ABC News 10, Posted: 12/16/2010

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