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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Plankton Bloom [Today's News Poem, June 30, 2010]

Plankton Bloom [Today's News Poem, June 30, 2010]

Earnings are sport; just a game on the screen.
Wealth is the score and the players are meat.
Markets determine the price of a bean,
Residue running from acre to ocean;
Where plankton will bloom
And choke out the fish:
An oily wound plumes
In petri gulf dish.

Drunken suspenders are typing by dark,
Networks of millions are trading their points;
Feeding the creatures that dine on the spark
Arbitrage sends in a wire through computers—
With cables for nerves
And motorized arms,
A camera eye serves
To watch as we farm.

“By 10am it emerged that Mr Perkins had single-handedly moved the global price of oil to an eight-month high during a "drunken blackout". Prices leapt by more than $1.50 a barrel in under half an hour at around 2am – the kind of sharp swing caused by events of geo-political significance. Ten times the usual volume of futures contracts changed hands in just one hour... The FSA will consider re-approving him as a broker after the ban, if he has recovered from his alcohol problem, but noted "Mr Perkins poses an extreme risk to the market when drunk".”
– Rowena Mason, The Telegraph, 5:45AM BST 30 Jun 2010

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Pimp Yo Professor [Twitter Found Poem, June 30, 2010]

Pimp Yo Professor [Twitter Found Poem, June 30, 2010]

So... I ain't admitting nothing,
but you better pimp yo professor.
Might seem weird,
but after a nasty fire and kneecap shooting incident
traveling to class scares me!!
So you better pimp yo professor
before yo professor pimp you!!

my professor broke my ankle,
set ME on fire...
and then there is the
nasty kneecap shooting incident...
I Almost fainted from the pain uhh...

wish yo bad luck would go away?
pimp yo professor!!
it is the only way.
your friends are gonna change with every situation,
but not yo professor!!
Yo, you change one thing, it changes everything.
You don't have to be a kiss ass,
You don't have to put an order in for street drugs
for yo professor,
You just need set the world on fire.
it is the only way to be sure
You do that assignment
and pimp that professor good!!!!

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