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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Trickle-Down Dinner [Today's News Poem, January 18, 2011]

Trickle-Down Dinner [Today's News Poem, January 18, 2011]

Porcelain monarchy: wealth trickles downward,
Plumbing foundations—shares shit with mollusks.
Only the purest obtain such positions.
Angle it deeper, inject liquid diets.
Natural predators eat filth and like it,
Writhe in the excrement, crawl ever after.
Cannibals gobble up meat, shit—whatever
Thrones care to flush down the drain, feed me dinner!

"I intend to introduce legislation that would require the Treasury to make interest payments on our debt its first priority in the event that the debt ceiling is not raised. This would not only ensure the continued confidence of investors at home and abroad, but would enable us to have an honest debate about the consequences of our eventual decision about the debt ceiling."
—PAT TOOMEY, The Wall Street Journal, JANUARY 19, 2011

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