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Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Company Keeps Us Together At Last [News Poem April 29, 2010]

The Company Keeps Us Together At Last [News Poem April 29, 2010]

“Former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, South Korean skating champion Kim Yu-na, Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs and Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva also made Time's 100 most-influential people list.”
– Reuters, Thu Apr 29, 2010 1:32pm EDT

“In recent decades the agency has often said it was deploying more “NOCs,” or officers under non-official cover. U.S. multinational companies -- banks, oil companies, airlines, construction firms -- are generally happy to help the CIA, on patriotic grounds, with legitimate-looking jobs for its operatives.”
– Jeff Stein, April 26, 2010; 4:47 PM ET

All of this driving on highways detracts from the
Horror of brakelights and swerving hillbillies that
Drive like our men on a tear on Afghani roads.
Accidents happen—the enemy stalks us by
Stoplights if need be. If cover's eroded then
Nothing can stop the determined assassin from
Hitting his mark off the beltway in darkness. I

Circle my block as I'm often inclined for one
Never is sure of a spousal betrayal. She
Gathers the dishes in soapy sink lather, but
Secretly wishes I'd finish my meatloaf and
Clutch at my chest as the interest collects on my
Heart—which is gray I assure you; for nothing is
Sacred, profane. I'm not anything really. Yet

Snow in the springtime deflects the moroseness I
Feel as the creepers are nestled on branches of
Trees. If it wasn't for timber I couldn't be
Sure if the houses around me were features of
Nature. I'm certain the finches have always been
Singing for humans for nothing exists for the
Singer without us to listen—we listen as

Thunder approaches the neighborhood
Stand of a statue amidst the wood.

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Mecha-Desdemona Gets Me All Crazy n Da Head n Shit [Twitter Found Poem, April 29, 2010]

Mecha-Desdemona Gets Me All Crazy n Da Head n Shit [Twitter Found Poem, April 29, 2010]

Tweets+Edits= #twitterfoundpoem
Re: @JoTheCat @rodthelumor @NandoOchoSeis @longpour @neekiangel @chloekillwell @kuling @ToastyRamirez @xA_BOOGIE @BrianaButton @michelini @P0iS0N_R0YALTY @ThoughtSnot @mochamelody @hoddington @arneldo @ConnorTitmarsh @slvyas @CharlieePOP @Narcissistic_85 @Kee31 @ruby81272 @sallyolofin @MrRapperGuy @SexyDream @yomilicious @MrLucrative @hapsical @freakurdream @BlackDiamondCA @wyzleyspoken @akzionz @boyoperatedcoin @EkkoEkkoEkko @supererogatory @Kourtneybell181 @CubanaLAF @_MostEnvyed_ @MissCays @mydwynter @lynzannecorin @MoradoFly @OoSoCocky @KRNorwood @pj4MJJ @RanjitGowda @DayBelieber @annalisajoyce

"when I say I miss u it's only cuz u said it
first and I don't wanna leave u hangin =\ lol"

"ur right ur wifey is a good girl ;-) "

Let's ask me "why so serious???"
I know @MrRapperGuy!!
Yes my wifey is a good girl ;-)
But I'm possibly a seedy psychopath.
don't wanna leave u hangin...
sit down beside me I don't bite
too Hard
Let's bury u & my barbie
bitches hahaha i mean
Let's bury the hatchet
in yo dick hahaha i mean
barbie bitches make me SICK! get an identity!
hahaha Do I Make You Nervous ???
It's all fun and games until someone
gets his dick chopped off.

hahaha Do I Make You Nervous ???
don't test me .
too late!! I get all crazy n da head n shit .
so check it out:
u & my barbie wifey
win a free trip 2 Baghdad
& win a free burial site.

plant u & wifey in the seedy side of town
& water it...u & mecha-desdemona i mean
with gasoline then light em up...
I told you I get all crazy n da head n shit.

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