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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Party Invitation [Today's News Poem, December 9, 2010]

Party Invitation [Today's News Poem, December 9, 2010]

I'm throwing a glamorous dinner.
Attend it.
I'm taking a hammer to windows
To break them.
And here come the invites—I'm shooting
Off bullets.
Each one is singing, 'please come to my party
You fuckers.'
Shoplift for potluck: your worst is expected
To rock us
Out of the cradle of safety—
Into hypnotic disaster.
Feast as you've never, then arson
Fill yourself up and then burn it all down:
Glass looks like crystal in gasoline flames.

"One scenario that cops are eyeing is that the lowlife Smith, 43, shot the well-coiffed Chasen several times through her car's passenger window, but had no chance to rob her because she hit the gas and sped off, Publicker said. She crashed a short distance away."
—The New York Post, DAN MANGAN, Last Updated: 1:45 AM, December 9, 2010

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