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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Soldier Discovers the New Pastoral Dynamic [Today's News Poem, May 19, 2010]

A Soldier Discovers the New Pastoral Dynamic [Today's News Poem, May 19, 2010]

You want me to dig it? I'll dig it. Don't bury
The farmer who struggles to pay off the city.
The treasure's interred in the paddy I reckon.

I welcome you back to the earth that sustains us.
Your grave will have flowers and incense for Buddha.
My treasure, you're hidden from duties and honors;

My friend, you're a grain that is full for the harvest.
The mouths that will feed on the corn that you sprouted
Shall praise what is given from that which was taken:

Together the proxy and source—both combining
The scythe from the forge and the crop of the planet
Together—recycled like souls in the nothing.

“Thaksin, ousted in a bloodless 2006 military coup, is denounced by adversaries as Thailand's most corrupt politician. To his anti-government supporters, who set Bangkok ablaze on Wednesday, he is a savior.
Speaking from an undisclosed location, Thaksin said the crackdown on "red shirt" protesters, which killed six people and wounded 58, could degenerate into widespread violence.
"There is a theory saying a military crackdown can spread resentment and these resentful people will become guerrillas," Thaksin told Reuters as troops fought protesters in Bangkok, sparking violence in outer provinces.”
– Nopporn Wong-Anan, Reuters, Wed May 19, 2010 6:05pm EDT

“Armored vehicles and snipers may win the battle to push the red-shirt protesters out of Bangkok, but the government is losing the war to hold back the course of Thailand's history. The nation's economic and social aspirations have outrun its elite-focused political institutions. The key to understanding Thailand's current conflict, which is a grim reminder of murderous confrontations between protesters and security forces in 1973, 1976 and 1992, is rural Thailand, where about two-thirds of the population lives.”
– Andrew Walker, The Wall Street Journal, Accessed online MAY 20, 2010, on May 19, 2010 at 4:26pm PST

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Reverend Bonaparte and Reverend Einstein [Twitter Found Poem, May 19, 2010]

Reverend Bonaparte and Reverend Einstein [Twitter Found Poem, May 19, 2010]

If you have love and compassion towards all living beings,
then kill children and loud ugly babies...
It is outrageous that we take for granted that we kill children
for reminding us all that we are forced
to abort the children of our enemies.

kill the fucking enemy; kill kill
the fucking Baby mama; burn, burn, the motherfucker...
the Baby mama fucker to the ground.

The smell of sterilized babies
smells like My Right to Enrich me.
fewer people? You guessed It !!!

your Daughter hands me a plate with playdough
on it. "I got you some pancakes. They're made in China"
your children hands me a plate with all your treasure.
I pay my child's math teacher Reverend Einstein
and I pay Reverend Bonaparte: my child's ethics teacher.

Be careful or she Might Be my new Baby mama.
the greatest enemy of truth is Blind belief in
democracy and human rights.

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