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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Shooting Blindly [Today's News Poem, December 22, 2010]

Shooting Blindly [Today's News Poem, December 22, 2010]

Shoot out all the lights and when the murders start,
Blindness guides the arc of blood and motion dies.
Banks are just a fiction; money's made of script.
Guilt is even less and cannot be redeemed.
All this innocence is unbelievable.
Bank with sky and reap the cloud; then sputter, die.
Fear the sky? Then launch a missile—blind the moon.
Lance its eye then pluck out stars: they saw the crimes.
Sort what will not sort itself, with life or death:
Shoot out all the lights and strike out blindly.

"The next steps on Mr. Obama’s nuclear agenda now appear harder than ever. But some of the current powers in the party, including Republicans who may have their eyes on challenging Mr. Obama, from Mitt Romney to Sarah Palin, denounced it as a weakening of the United States, arguing that it limited missile defenses. "
—DAVID E. SANGER, The New York Times, Published: December 21, 2010

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