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Monday, January 10, 2011

Glandularia Gooddingii [Today's News Poem, January 10, 2011]

Glandularia Gooddingii [Today's News Poem, January 10, 2011]

The springtime in taxicabs, spring in the pistol;
Spring will arrive and the vervain is ready.
It's purple and handles the winter, it's perfect
Now that the sun has diminished; its pollen's
Alert and its stamen is quivering—something
Comes on the wind and, transforming the pistil,
The ammo of seedlings will fill up the flower.
Median herb; the perennial landscape
Of parking lot pistols, of taxicab meters,
Tombstones in deserts, assassins of leaders.

"Few outside his home state will have heard of Clarence W Dupnik before this weekend, but if world reaction to the Arizona shootings has focused on inflammatory rightwing rhetoric, it is largely down to the Pima county sheriff's pronouncements."
—Jon Henley,, Monday 10 January 2011 18.14 GMT

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