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Friday, March 02, 2012

Water Or Blood? [Today's News Poem, March 2, 2012]

Water Or Blood? [Today's News Poem, March 2, 2012]

Blizzards reversed the polarity,
Conjured the pivot to juncture:
Breathing was never the same again.

Ice for a godmother:
Bikes to the office park
Vanquished by winterness.
Revive them with bourbon
And bless them with stupor.

Slip on the ice—use crampons and slip
(You'll keep slipping)
Off of the surface. Harvest the luck
(Like a truffle
You fed with your excrement
[Kindly intentions]):
Swallow, inhale and recycle
That fragment of nothingness.
Grasp to the luckiest railing,
Treebranch—in fact snap off the first twigs
Spring has to offer and cushion
The imminent fall
(You are falling):
Smother the buzzings of springtime.

A bough is a whip in disguise
As neckties are nooses disguised.
Chase every sunset to rot on horizon.
Grind in the caverns—bury yourself in the mines.
Dodge the commitment.
Trap the undying.
Praise the unyielding absences.

Snow is the dandruff that falls from temples,
Fragments that signal the stillness deep winter
Offers is gone and that motion's conceivable.
Thaw and thus water is where I am headed.
Water, or blood; am I water or blood?
Nighttime has eyes in the cameras, sky, and faces;
An eye that has blinked itself shut,
Squeezed out a tear and might open again.

“As of 6 p.m. ET, the weather service had 21 active tornado warnings, plus less urgent tornado watches that spanned 11 states.”
—CNN Wire Staff, CNN; 6:29 PM EST, Fri March 2, 2012

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