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Friday, January 29, 2010

Toylit Scoop! Editor Khakjaan Wessington Called Russia's Military Return in 2006

Siloviki Security Vision for Russia

This is only the beginning.

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Beware of Toylit Imitators: Part 2

So I have been checking this site's ranking on Google and I encountered ANOTHER group of degenerates--this time from LA--that ripped-off Toylit in 2005. I found the creatively blighted dolts on wiki of all places. Yes, the meme was in the air, but I snatched it first and made it my own. AND the true Toylit got its street-cred via restroom distribution in SF back in 2003. Paper always trumps the internet chumps and don't you forget it.

Actually I just checked my file cabinet. Toylit started in 2002.

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What Men Want [Today's News Poem, Jan 29, 2010]

What Men Want

By Khakjaan Wessington

"My honest belief was that if I didn't do something they would continue to die."
-Scott Roeder

The ancient women, wise with feral ways,
Passed matrilineal traditions down
From ape to human—knowing men could slay,
With lust, their daughters. Deaths wore bridal gowns

Before connubial beds became their graves
So brewing remedies these mothers saved
All humankind. Resentful, men thought slaves
Were made of them. He mastered war and raved

Against his mother—burning her to ash.
Denounced as midwife: now we call her witch.
Their wives and daughters—mothers died—the clash
Of sexes won. Thus Woman, made a 'bitch,'

To breed and grieve perhaps before the next.
The men would prise the fruit, more sons, from wombs
That rarely lasted forty years. But text
Reflected changing norms. In time, this grooms

A kinder sort of man who seeks a peer—
If only theoretically. Rights,
If slowly, catch the rhetoric—so dear
To many—bringing new and awful blights.

I think I know this killer's thoughts, this guy
Who shot that Kansas doc. He felt betrayed
By fellow man: resolved to make him die
And eased his guilt with Bible quotes. Unswayed,

The jury found enough to lock him up.
A shame, because a woman now, receives
In joy or rage a life from carnal tup
That soon awaits abortionist's coarse sieves;

Because she knows she really wants what men
Desire. To lust and grow and kill and feel—
Not nothing—just flushing. She wants what men
Desire: to fuck and kill and never heal;

To harvest death for medicines and soups
Or trashed in plastic bags in cans on stoops.

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