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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Ghosts of Banquo and Icarus [Today's News Poem May 4, 2010]

The Ghosts of Banquo and Icarus [Today's News Poem May 4, 2010]

Floes adrift on lava float away on molten
Clay and grind their teeth together; loosening, then
Crumbling the brittle igneous to boulders,
Else to rifts and canyons. Poles align to colder
Regions, warmer climes, then back again. It shudders;
Vomits rock and ash so hot the vessel's rudders
Fail. The oceans boil the krill. The storks are trailing
Embers, losing feathers, melting skin and wailing.
Splash! The potion's seasoned. Princes feed, while rulers
Sleep in beds of sand and wait for something crueler.

“A tumble in global stocks spread to Asia on Wednesday on heightening fears that Greece's debt woes could spread to other countries.”
– Vikram S Subhedar, Reuters, Wed May 5, 2010 12:28am EDT
“BP Plc is fighting the oil slick menacing the Gulf Coast with more than 150,000 gallons of a detergent-like chemical intended to blend oil and water. ”
– Bloomberg Business Week, May 05, 2010, 12:22 AM EDT
“Every so often, movements deep within the iron core of the Earth mean that the planet flips its magnetic field; south becomes north and north becomes south. The last reversal was 780,000 years ago, and there are signs that another could be on the way soon. "The strength of the Earth's magnetic field has decreased by nearly eight per cent in the last 150 years," says Nils Olsen of Denmark's National Space Institute. "In some regions it has decreased by 10 per cent in just 20 years."”
– Kate Ravilious, The Telegraph, 10:59PM BST 26 Apr 2010

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Hydrochloric Kool Aid Acid Tests [Twitter Found Poem, May 4, 2010]

Hydrochloric Kool Aid Acid Tests [Twitter Found Poem, May 4, 2010]
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Drink the last bit of kool aid
No1 is watching U !
go right ahead & Sell yo hawt ass
& have a massive brain hemorrhage.
Sell your imagination to the highest bidder .

ppl get mad
but the next time They need a control tower
They call U in ...
They Sell They hawt ass brain too
the next time They bumhole don't feel safe...
whatever's been crawling through They bumhole
It's a hemorrhage ! ! !
afraid some alien will burst out ?
They should
be worried ! ! !

when ppl leave 4drops of the koolaid
hydrochloric acid Tests
to clean They bumhole
& They afraid some alien will burst out
They call U in ... to wash from dey brain
to dey bumhole wit da hydrochloric acid .

U Tests da koolaid...
U Drink the last bit of kool aid...
U already sold yo hawt ass for sex to the highest bidder ...
U tell em It's safe & dey feel safe again!
but U secretly a therapist...
& U been secretly getting paid by the highest bidder
to crawl through They bumhole
& burst out through They brain ...
surprise ! ! !

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