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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wallet Spirits [Today's News Poem, January 23, 2011]

Wallet Spirits [Today's News Poem, January 23, 2011]

Does it flow like sewage; burn like oven cleaner?
Or closer to lightning in copper on tree trunks?
If it thinks, then who locates the brain on this thing?

Wallet spirits bless and curse, informed by whimsy:
The angels are sucking the breath from one baby
And then hiss in a nose for another to take.

Watch it flow from cargo hold to corner office;
It falls like the calendars ripped all asunder
And then tossed out a window for winds to collect.

"But a policy can be bad for us without being good for China. In fact, Chinese currency policy is a lose-lose proposition, simultaneously depressing employment here and producing an overheated, inflation-prone economy in China itself. "
—PAUL KRUGMAN, The New York Times, Published: January 20, 2011

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