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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Chance Encounter With Brain Meat [Today's News Poem, June 1, 2010]

Chance Encounter With Brain Meat [Today's News Poem, June 1, 2010]

You're slipping. Your balance is missing. The sidewalk
Is taking your chances—you're sliding. A moment
Of doubt and then nothingness. Lying with mittens
In snow, you can't laugh, but it's funny. You hurried
And got here without all the waiting. And twitching
Reptilian parts of your brain can yet listen
To cars on the salt on the snow on the roadway.
You fart as the last of the winter is melting
With springtime; releasing the odor of dinner
For creatures that linger long after your body's
Been frozen—your assets gone liquid—and only
The scavengers feed off your memory's tissue.

“A preschool-aged child was killed and four people injured at rush hour this afternoon when a sputtering light plane heading west from Merrill Field clipped a rooming house then crashed into an unoccupied car dealership at Seventh Avenue and Ingra Street, setting the building ablaze.”
– JIM HALPIN, MEGAN HOLLAND and LISA DEMER, Anchorage Daily News, June 1st, 2010 06:59 PM

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Threatened Species [Twitter Found Poem, June 1, 2010]

Threatened Species [Twitter Found Poem, June 1, 2010]

Goodbye cruel Forest.
Goodbye Sea. agricultural fires threaten you
for our consumption.
Get me the oil...

this couldnt be dangerous.
my Fire Hunting boat sure looks safe.
Birds and Sea Creatures
play mind games
but I make you hear and obey.
you Are leading me to a cave with oil...

Are you threatening me?
GIANT cats and cockroaches love pouncing
Out Of The Water and breaking my boat!!!

the next pre-apocalyptic disaster games:
Birds, unicorns and Sea Creatures Hunting humans.
Are They Hunting me?
Somebody help me please!
Get me out! Get my lawyer
now! don't feed me to the cockroaches!
I'll give it all back!!!

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