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Friday, December 03, 2010

Ape Charmer [Today's News Poem, December 3, 2010]

Ape Charmer [Today's News Poem, December 3, 2010]

If you're sincere, guard your wallet and your blood
Especially: guard your humors, your essences.
Obvious fidgeter: when someone appraises you,
You stare at the wall, or an ear—they can see it.
Your doors are unlocked, you demand them respected,
But who can resist what's unguarded?
You laugh at the jokes and you listen to stories;
You give your permission when you nod and you blink your awareness,
And stammer to speak as they're looting your coffers
And leave you with nothing but stories—just stories.

"The portrait of President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan that emerges from a cache of confidential American diplomatic cables obtained by WikiLeaks and made available to a number of news organizations reflects his trajectory from the eager leader anointed by the West to an embattled politician who often baffles, disappoints or infuriates his official allies."
—HELENE COOPER and CARLOTTA GALL, Published: December 2, 2010

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