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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Addressing Future Folk-Demons [Today's News Poem, January 11, 2011]

Addressing Future Folk-Demons [Today's News Poem, January 11, 2011]

Careful with dreams—you'll be forced in a corner.
Die by the minute, get paid by the hour,
Live in the moment—be animal instinct.
Children, your dreams are not useful; your homework—
Sloppy—you're headed for sorrow; your crayons
Useless as play—so be careful and care less.
Register cash and put dreams in a dumpster.
Learn to adapt, for you're surplus—unneeded.
Grimace, survive, be a fan just like Exley—
Watch all those brutes—first as bullies, then bosses:
Excellent mouths can impersonate laughter.
Why won't you learn that they freeze in position?
Why not accept that you're born for no purpose
Other than service as demon, and moron?

"Most of us get up in the morning assuming we will not be the victims of some horrific tragedy that day."
—Editorial, Des Moines Register, January 11, 2011

"My favorite activity is conscience dreaming; the greatest inspiration for my political business information. Some of you don't dream—sadly."
—Jared Lee Loughner (classitup10),

"You forced me in a corner and gave me only one option"
—Seung-Hui Cho,

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dustus said...

Societal messages which are sent, particularly to children upon greater examination often prove arbitrary, while built further upon an inner surplus of baseless expectations. Like the clear pauses in most lines— Creates a succinct tone and emphasis.

Anonymous said...

Oh great lines here...strong. Media and society in general tend to take the stance that children drive the buying industry...and innocence lost is a lament. Brilliant irony play, clear references.

Claudia said...

you had my attention with the first three words - careful with dreams - very strong write khas
with powerful, well arranged lines

Brian Miller said...

you cracked the whip tonight..some brilliant lines in there...those first couple grab you and dont let go...

Anonymous said...

Really dig the flow of this

* said...

Liked this line, "Die by the minute, get paid by the hour" -- you don't mince words here, a powerful write.

Desert Rose said...

I join Claudia, you got me at "be careful with dreams"..poignant piece!

Marshy said...

the quotes at the end sat really well with this poem...some really good strong lines here...but the overall poem flowed well. liked this one mate..cheers pete

Asobime said...

A strong, bitter reality-poem.

I had to read this haunts with so many messages.


Lady Nyo

Claudia said...

read your comment at one stop for suggestions what to read - think you will love this one. would be interesting what you think about this - know your standards are high

Shashidhar Sharma said...

I enjoyed reading this one... thanks for sharing...

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter @VerseEveryDay

Reflections said...

Cudos... wonderful use of irony here.