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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Drowning in a Sea of Chum [Today's News Poem, April 27, 2010]

Drowning in a Sea of Chum [Today's News Poem, April 27, 2010]

“Chávez has nurtured economic, energy and political ties with Tehran in response to what he terms aggression from the US "empire". The two governments have not announced any military accords.”
– Rory Carroll, The Guardian, 27 April 2010 19.09 BST

“"You must not relax, in order not to permit what is happening in some republics, what recently happened in Kyrgyzstan," he said. "This is what we don't need. If somebody is applauding and rejoicing, it's not the Kyrgyz people."
Lukashenko was referring to an April 7 uprising that ousted Kyrgyz President Kurmanbek Bakiyev and killed at least 85 people in the Central Asian nation.”
– Reuters Tuesday, April 27, 2010; 12:52 PM

“Thai protesters forced a shutdown of Bangkok's busy elevated train system Tuesday and promised to expand their street demonstrations, escalating weeks of anti-government demonstrations that have paralyzed much of the capital.”
– RAVI NESSMAN (AP) – 3 hours ago as of 12:18pm PST

Bitterness rejects the notion
Life exists upon an ocean
Slurping all with tides of drowning.
Climb atop the chum—he's frowning
Anyway—he's going down, so
Grab the branch with honey drops, though
Frenemies demand a share—no!

Bitterness inhales the smoggy
Air until its lungs are soggy.
Blackened, choking, still it's breathing—
Gasping true, it's screaming—wheezing.
Cleanliness: one breath undoing
Years of phlegm; to stop eschewing
Promises of life renewing?

Bitterness rejects the notion.

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Sick, Lame-Ass Joker/Jokerette [Twitter Found Poem, April 27, 2010]

Sick, Lame-Ass Joker/Jokerette [Twitter Found Poem, April 27, 2010]

Tweets+Edits= #twitterfoundpoem
Re: @JennsA10 @VivaLaIvory @hexkelly @elephantlamp @bryoz @PlayeretteNessa @anthrogeekPF @emilykuphoto @halavais @ktmonae @KristaAshe @CH1TOE @selftalkguru @jamesacannon @DANGERSMITH @chuck_unwin @CircusTK @RevRunWisdom @mrprecyse @EmilyBalham @GottaFindJonas_ @juliejulie0264 @Nikki_Danae @cornholio_010 @KamilahKaash @LiLMs_PYT @chosen214 @fefechanel @AdrianneCurry @BigBrickCity @tiayay @Tey_23 @AmberLeighN @TherealAntJames @glittergran @annakipps @mynamesFab

SICK OF some lame ass joker/jokerette
boring you w/some fake ass story???
get real. if ur not tripn off nothin
ur a bi$$h!!!!! (UgH!!!!!)

dont eat the sh*t
be the sh*t.
be this crackhead:
jump in front of a talkin car!!!!
while its driving :
that's real!!!!

Let's get real stOOpid today!
Prospects of an actual race
to the bottom are moot.
we're already at the bottom !!!!!

it's coffee time!!
u need to get higher than that !!!!!
sobriety time ???
That's the worst thing 2 be addicted to.
try being addicted 2 pills 4 fun & profit .
u suckin dick already
try suckin dick 4 fun & profit.
Quit boring sobriety time for good .
dont eat the sh*t
be the sh*t.

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