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Friday, June 11, 2010

God of Mouth and Anus [Today's News Poem, June 11, 2010]

God of Mouth and Anus [Today's News Poem, June 11, 2010]

My god of the mouth, you are guided by hunger.
Your diaper's tremendous, your drool is a river.
My goddess of zero, my ponzi of plenty,
My appetites grow, but I'm famished—I swear it.
I plumbed my own depths and I've emptied my innards—
I've filled up my diaper, and yet there is nothing
To slake what ignited a feast for the ages.
Unchanged, though I filled up the toilet of plenty,
I've crust in my pinches of flesh—yet I'm weeping.
I'm soaking in filth, from my feast and my outlet.
What passes inside me's inert and uncaring,
The answers it shares are as empty as movements
Of gas—and as fleeting—oh god of the anus!

“Sales at U.S. retailers unexpectedly dropped in May for the first time in eight months, indicating the rebound in consumer spending is cooling as Americans boost savings.”
– Bloomberg Businessweek, June 11, 2010, 4:41 PM EDT

“And then, one Saturday afternoon last November, his sister burst into his apartment in Chongjin with shocking news: the North Korean government had decided to drastically devalue the nation’s currency. The family’s life savings, about $1,560, had been reduced to about $30... lamenting years of useless sacrifice. Vegetables for his parents, his wife’s asthma medicine, the navy track suit his 15-year-old daughter craved — all were forsworn on the theory that, even in North Korea, the future was worth saving for. “Ai!” he exclaimed, cursing between sobs. “How we worked to save that money! Thinking about it makes me go crazy.””
– Sharon LaFraniere, The New York Times, June 9, 2010

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World Cup Philosopher Hooligans [Twitter Found Poem, June 11, 2010]

World Cup Philosopher Hooligans [Twitter Found Poem, June 11, 2010]

you can't pass judgment on me My child.
you don't enjoy a good competition.
you haven't even walked up to Heaven's Gate.
You dislike cult mentality?
a cult is a group that is really,really dedicated to a person.
World Cup is not a cult.

Apparantly We are in the middle of hell.
hell people are degenerate workers.
work work jerks.
World Cup philosophers are degenerate drunks,
but hell people don't even drink coffee.

you avoid sports not only because
you Fear a good competition,
you Fear The Reaper even though
you have TRAPPED us with you
in the middle of hell.

You dislike cult mentality?
you are the cult OF BOREDOM!
you are the cult OF work work jerks
who Fear The Reaper
and have TRAPPED
philosopher Hooligans.
and you says
"don't pass judgment on it?"
if it wasnt for The World Cup
religion and the police system,
philosopher Hooligans
woulda murdered you people by now.

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