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Saturday, March 06, 2010

To Make a Global City [Today's News Poem March 6, 2010]

To Make a Global City [Today's News Poem March 6, 2010]

“"If we are to withdraw from unconventional policies and return to conventional economic policies, we need to choose the time very carefully. This includes the exchange rate policy for the renminbi,"”

“China had allowed its currency to slowly appreciate against the dollar until late 2008, when world economies sagged under the weight of the United States banking and securities collapse. Most economists say the Beijing government acted to maintain the price advantage of Chinese manufactured goods, a linchpin of the Chinese economy, at a time when exports were drying up.”

First, slather all the world with some concrete,
Then etch the human face of our elite;
Then paint the surface red and white and blue.
The bluebloods spill that commie ink—a hue
That contrasts with the white of so-called 'good,'
We crown with lies: enriching thieves and hoods.
This planet called America will own
The sun—such leverage will finance loans

To colonize the nearby space. The stars
Will serve as power-plants to animate
A polis Plato might have loved. The bars?
Are promissory notes and credit rates.

A human being will work as long as he's inspired;
Postpone the joy—most everything that she desired
To gain it back with savings after he's been hired,
Not knowing that before she wins that she'll be fired.

We sell the sale then tell the tale
Of how we won our megatons,
While workers solder, hammer nails:
We've fixed the game and have them spun.

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