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Saturday, May 15, 2010

See Dick [Guest News Poem, May 15, 2010, by Cuff Link]

See Dick
By Cuff Link
You like sandwiches? Dick likes ‘em too. Dick likes sandwiches that give him gas and vapid thoughts that fill his happy nose. Do you like dreams? Dick likes ‘em. Big dreams about smoking grass on Dick’s boat. Surprised? Surprised to hear that Dick's brain has two sides? Well that is disconcerting. What if Dick woke up in the wrong brain? No yacht, no grass, no mood to swing from just the overwhelming temptation to huddle into a “life fire zone”.

How weird. What a weird thing to happen. What an odd Dick thought. No more Dick love for sandy beaches, two arms full of Thai hooker. Rock hard thoughts moving us toward the water’s edge. Just an idea’s kiss, lightning bug movement into blue light. Like feeling 7.62 rip through your liver? Falling face down into that swollen funnel of conscious. once massaged with toasted rye bread and a little prosciutto. “Oh this sucks,” Dick might say. A futile hand pressed to the side, staunching the flow of all those thoughts. A grimaced glance up toward the sky. “Now why would I do that?” Says Dick. “The thought of it just makes me hungry.”


For more Cuff Link go to and don't forget to read The Chicken Whisperer

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SUNFLOWERS [Guest News Poem, May 15, 2010 by Jeff Chon]

SUNFLOWERS [Guest News Poem, May 15, 2010 by Jeff Chon]
Jeff Chon

We always love the ones who snap
our stems, steal us away
and run bony fingers along
our petals. They only want
to be our sunlight, so we nuzzle
against their piebald ribcages,
outstretched like heliotropic children.

Jeff Chon edits You can also read him at

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Autumn Stargazer [Today's News Poem, May 15, 2010]

Autumn Stargazer [Today's News Poem, May 15, 2010]

I panicked. I drank it. I sucked up the river.
The jungle was slimy, the ocean was salty,
The desert was arid; I lounged on the prairie.
I burped up the bones of the fish in the ocean.
The plankton consumed it, I'm certain they flourished.
And somewhere a creature subsists on my garbage.
I'm certain that something evolves in the sewer.
I claw through the mountains in search of my succor
In baubles; like rubies and diamonds. The treasure
In heaps in my pasture looks heady. The seasons
Are changing. My belly is full, but the omens
Are certain. I ponder my fate from my vista—
The oak—and I notice the cosmos are shining.

“On Friday there was renewed panic selling and the euro slid to an 18-month low against the dollar after reports that French president Nicolas Sarkozy threatened to pull his country out of the single currency to force Germany to agree to the multi-billion rescue plan. Trichet said: "There is always the danger of contagion in the market. And this can happen very quickly, sometimes within a few hours."”
– Julia Kollewe, The Observer, Sunday 16 May 2010

“A $1 trillion rescue package unveiled at the week's start gave only temporary relief to investors, who are increasingly worried about the impact of the crisis on the global recovery and the euro. ”
– Caroline Valetkevitch, Reuters, May 14, 2010 8:48pm EDT

“Four East African states have signed an agreement to seek more water from the River Nile - a move strongly opposed by Egypt and Sudan. ”
– BBC, 16:18 GMT, Friday, 14 May 2010 17:18 UK

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Gard Your Hart From the Clones [Twitter Found Poem May 15, 2010]

Gard Your Hart From the Clones [Twitter Found Poem May 15, 2010]

finding You on a subway
with all these creepers on THE train
You asked "Why is he wearing such silly hats?"
I said "with all these Clones
with all these lil kids that fall out in the middle of the street,
with needy people who always crying
I am sick of Being jealous.”

I speak of Helen and Theseus!!!
We French kissed on a subway train.
You tore my clothes right off.

Craziness is like heaven.
You tore my my brain right off.
You left my hart in the middle of the street.
and said You killed 108 ppl.
You said I have to go crazy.

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Haunted Androids [Mixed-Media Collaboration, May 15, 2010; Art by R Toady, Poetry by K.W.]

Haunted Androids
Art by Rutherford Toady
Poetry by Khakjaan Wessington

I) Genesis of the Lament
Seized and snipped, placenta
Bagged then burned, they branded...
Mother! Doctors etched an
Order, “Live” upon my
Brow! All wet with after
Birth—the lights were blinding.
Greenish curtains bore the
Yolk from which I burst. An
Angel said before my
Birth, the drain creates an
Eye with steady gaze that
Meets the rinser's guilty
Glance. My best dregs gurgled.

II) Homunculus Adopts the Golem
Through the slivers of clouds comes a beam
For the evening: the moon is my rune
In the night. So I follow the seams:
Through the yards, and the fences on dune.
May the cobwebs protect me! I crept.
I was drawn to the chorus I heard.
It was beautiful croaking—I wept
In the mists and the doorway. A bird
Made of leather was perched on a stand.
She's the sister of golems—the hen
For my skull—and she hatched me a wren
From my scalp. I extended my hand.

Rutherford Toady is also a great writer. Go to for more art and poetry.

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