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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Haunted Androids [Mixed-Media Collaboration, May 15, 2010; Art by R Toady, Poetry by K.W.]

Haunted Androids
Art by Rutherford Toady
Poetry by Khakjaan Wessington

I) Genesis of the Lament
Seized and snipped, placenta
Bagged then burned, they branded...
Mother! Doctors etched an
Order, “Live” upon my
Brow! All wet with after
Birth—the lights were blinding.
Greenish curtains bore the
Yolk from which I burst. An
Angel said before my
Birth, the drain creates an
Eye with steady gaze that
Meets the rinser's guilty
Glance. My best dregs gurgled.

II) Homunculus Adopts the Golem
Through the slivers of clouds comes a beam
For the evening: the moon is my rune
In the night. So I follow the seams:
Through the yards, and the fences on dune.
May the cobwebs protect me! I crept.
I was drawn to the chorus I heard.
It was beautiful croaking—I wept
In the mists and the doorway. A bird
Made of leather was perched on a stand.
She's the sister of golems—the hen
For my skull—and she hatched me a wren
From my scalp. I extended my hand.

Rutherford Toady is also a great writer. Go to for more art and poetry.

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