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Saturday, May 15, 2010

See Dick [Guest News Poem, May 15, 2010, by Cuff Link]

See Dick
By Cuff Link
You like sandwiches? Dick likes ‘em too. Dick likes sandwiches that give him gas and vapid thoughts that fill his happy nose. Do you like dreams? Dick likes ‘em. Big dreams about smoking grass on Dick’s boat. Surprised? Surprised to hear that Dick's brain has two sides? Well that is disconcerting. What if Dick woke up in the wrong brain? No yacht, no grass, no mood to swing from just the overwhelming temptation to huddle into a “life fire zone”.

How weird. What a weird thing to happen. What an odd Dick thought. No more Dick love for sandy beaches, two arms full of Thai hooker. Rock hard thoughts moving us toward the water’s edge. Just an idea’s kiss, lightning bug movement into blue light. Like feeling 7.62 rip through your liver? Falling face down into that swollen funnel of conscious. once massaged with toasted rye bread and a little prosciutto. “Oh this sucks,” Dick might say. A futile hand pressed to the side, staunching the flow of all those thoughts. A grimaced glance up toward the sky. “Now why would I do that?” Says Dick. “The thought of it just makes me hungry.”


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