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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Above Average [Today's News Poem, February 19, 2011]

Above Average [Today's News Poem, February 19, 2011]

I've reached the other side of average
And I find I've never understood
Youth—more disease than age or bracket.

Distrusting every strong emotion
I was prudent, copied older folks,
Passed through the symptoms sitting, reading.

I'm over average, flipped allegiance,
And I read as always. Someone brash,
Foolish, a ham, declares my time's up.

The parade of genes—parade of written words—
Is the scribe of youthful error, editor:
Type. Delete. Err. Repent. Be born. Die. Learn. Unlearn.

"Young men jubilantly wave national flags and white banners with "peace" written in Arabic and English. Small children bearing roses know nothing of the politics, but they approach Pearl monument with glee, holding hands with proud parents."
—Al Jazeera Online Producer, Al Jazeera, 19 Feb 2011 20:47 GMT

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