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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Teeth in the Wind [Today's News Poem, January 27, 2011]

Teeth in the Wind [Today's News Poem, January 27, 2011]

Inside your face a smaller one grins in its chamber of teeth—they are seeds
Of pomegranate red, it is fertile—your mouth is a garden of jaws.
Stamen the wind—you'll bless it with something as small as a sliver of sand.
What swells when there is only the breeze to upset it, what burdens conspire
Windward to sully angiosperms with a blessing of curses and birth?
Don't spill it, you can spread it with smiles in the jaws of your jaws and your breath
Rancid as jasmine; sweet to the brink of the rotten—the breath that you add
To air: if you have prayers, they are psalms of aggression, Persephone, Mars.

"Obama is striking a different strategy than the one deployed by President Bill Clinton after voters gave him a mid-term rebuke in 1994. Clinton got busy slashing spending and it contributed to a decade of historic growth and prosperity. Obama is taking more of a hybrid approach. Tuesday night he promised spending restraint and deficit reduction, and said some very encouraging things about fostering a healthier business climate. At the same time, he is pitching major new spending initiatives and only modest deficit reductions."
—Editorial, The Detroit News, January 27. 2011 1:00AM—Mixed-signals-in-Obama-speech

"Many of the budget-cutting proposals from Democrats and Republicans focus on a relatively small part of the U.S.'s $3.5 trillion budget: the roughly 15% that accounts for nonsecurity, discretionary spending. But the deficit is being driven by programs that are more politically difficult to cut, such as the Medicare health plan for seniors, military spending and Social Security."

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