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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Threatened Species [Twitter Found Poem, June 1, 2010]

Threatened Species [Twitter Found Poem, June 1, 2010]

Goodbye cruel Forest.
Goodbye Sea. agricultural fires threaten you
for our consumption.
Get me the oil...

this couldnt be dangerous.
my Fire Hunting boat sure looks safe.
Birds and Sea Creatures
play mind games
but I make you hear and obey.
you Are leading me to a cave with oil...

Are you threatening me?
GIANT cats and cockroaches love pouncing
Out Of The Water and breaking my boat!!!

the next pre-apocalyptic disaster games:
Birds, unicorns and Sea Creatures Hunting humans.
Are They Hunting me?
Somebody help me please!
Get me out! Get my lawyer
now! don't feed me to the cockroaches!
I'll give it all back!!!

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