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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Concilie van Chalcedon 451 [#twitterfoundpoem, October 3, 2010]

Concilie van Chalcedon 451 [#twitterfoundpoem, October 3, 2010]

Thanks for the fire. I can feel it.
I can't afford to pay the firemen,
so I really appreciate it.
Thanks Also for the coffee table.
I have relocated it so that
a) I can see the fire and b) feel it.
the firemen come from an ancient Profession
of Arson, so Thanks. a tradition of Arson,
going back to 451 to the Concilie van Chalcedon.
all of the firemen: fair IN HEIGHT.
all 451 of the firemen
burn the notice, These 95 Theses:
all this papal bull.
I got ninety five theses but the pope ain't one...
so Thanks for the tradition of Arson.

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