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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Peacock Dance [#twitterfoundpoem, August 12, 2010]

Peacock Dance [#twitterfoundpoem, August 12, 2010]

If you run into me today, and we make eye contact
I consider that grounds for a dance-fight.
You have been dance-warned.

u ready for action?
then let's dance twinkle toes.
Winner gets the virginity of the loser on his random dick.

I'm gna fight 4 wat's mine
gonna pull off my pants and dance!
likkle banga banga danga banga dhata gwan!

Hey! Call me gay if you want.
I'm still gonna wake u up in the middle of the nite
with your virginity on my random dick.

Those are the Ancient rules governing dance-fight!
now pull off ur pants
and dance!

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