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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jimmy Chen's Chicken?

Doesn't he say right here that he enjoys trolling? "I have a fake alias facebook account with no friends or profile that I use to troll people’s walls and photo albums. People trying to look happy always look so sad; people who look sad always look worse; people who look ugly fair well under low resolution; people who look beautiful always seem cruel."

Well if that doesn't just go against the whole spirit of the thing, when I write delightful derision and it's deleted. I don't have the first comment, it just mocks the use of 'fair' when 'fare' is the proper word. I do have the second, because I suspected they were going to delete it:

"My remark was far gentler than anything Jimmy’s anon trolling, but it’s stricken from the record? I call smug, smarmy foul! Did you guys delete like fifty posts mocking the spelling in this post? Did you bid fairwell to them? How did they fair? Are you going to the county fare you jackals? Fie! Fie fie!"

And then I caught myself and noted they enraged me so much I used scesis onomaton. I went on to point out that if I saw that in an HTML GIANT article, it would probably say, 'sceptic automaton.' I didn't save that one either, but you got the soul of the joke.

I am against cyber-wimps. WTF is this chicken shit?

ps: Yeah, I'm sure they defend it as wordplay. Rather inconsistent with the style of the rest of the piece. Other puns of opportunity in there.

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jimmy Chen said...

your comments got dropped in our spam folder somehow, we weren't screening you. i approved all your comments.

Khakjaan Wessington said...

Whatever you are, you're not chicken. Cool.

Khakjaan Wessington said...

As an update, I tried posting on there today--and the posts still aren't getting up there. Let's see, I've had posts on hermeneutics, speech communities, transactional communication, intellectual honesty and more all deleted on HTML GIANT. I was willing to accept you were telling the truth, because hey, you dropped by here to mea culpa. But it's so obvious this is just the smile & stab strategy on your part. I guess this is going to be an ongoing series I'll do on Toylit re: hypocritical literati & their intellectual cowardice. For example; I wanted to believe what you typed above was an admission of accident. Instead, I see that it's your stupid fucking grammar joke, by writing a passive sentence. "Gee, I'm a cowardly bitch and this poet outthinks and outwrites me, so I'd better use my style of non-committal prose to play Rorschach blot games."

Yeah, I see you and your minions checking this thread. And I don't give a shit if you have a bigger platform than me w/ which to spout off, because we all know I write way better than you and your crew of smegma connoisseurs.

Khakjaan Wessington said...

Final update 8/31/2010: so even though I still think something nefarious is going on with the cyber-nanny at HTML GIANT; and even though he doesn't give a shit, I'm still going to admit I was wrong about Jimmy Chen. I'll even top-post an apology if requested to do so.

He wrote this: and it was clever & worked.

I'm not going to fall on my sword, because falling on my words is bad enough. I could have just quietly changed my mind, but that would have been dishonorable. I've seen enough activity on this thread to know it still gets checked once in a while--it would be wrong to not say something here, in this context.

Yeah, I'm an irritable asshole. What's new? I'm still suspicious about the whole post thing on there, but then again they have readers & they let anyone post on there--at least at first. I'm probably more interested in the principle that works in my favor. I accept that & that this thread was a dick-move on my part.

Mea Culpa.