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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mobius Strip [Today's News Poem, May 29, 2010]

Mobius Strip [Today's News Poem, May 29, 2010]

The bicyclist speeds down the hill. He is drinking.
He sneers as he passes me, flicking a booger
That lands at my feet and I hope—yet I don't—that
He knows of what's coming, I turn and he's crashing.

I see him. He passes from bike to the sky and
He's ground by the asphalt, then trampled by motors.
A driver is panicking. Gunning her engine
She blows through the red and she crushes a stroller.

The truck hits the train and the train hits the cars and
The limits are showing. I bet this continues
Until there's a blast so tremendous it shatters
Our glasses and blows out our brains through eye sockets.

“BP acknowledged the failure Saturday of its latest "top kill" operation to tamp down oil gushing from its blown-out well, and launched a new interim effort to contain the flow.”
– Margot Roosevelt and Louis Sahagun, Los Angeles Times, May 30, 2010 Edition,0,841698.story

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1 comment:

Obsidian Eagle said...

Chain reaction indeed, an apt metaphor for an industry progressively veering out of control as the age of fossil fuels continues its decline. Kudos!