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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Evil Satellite of Love [Twitter Found Poem, May 18 2010]

Evil Satellite of Love [Twitter Found Poem, May 18 2010]

My day would be completely PERFECT if I Didn't
have INDOSAT crash right in front of the high school.

fly me AWAY from the moon
AWAY from high school.
to love. I need a new sidekick.

Meet me in outer space.
Nobody is perfect here
THERE or really anywhere.
I have a lil secret. . .
I am nobody.
Nobody is perfect
Therefore, I am perfect!

I get a lot of people threatening my life
because I catch them in my high school.
I may just ship them on a satellite
when I get bored with them.

I just heard a story that would curl your toes
& enrage you all at the same time.
after hours of agony in orbit
my last boyfriend
crashed going 2 mph right outside the high school.

People have a capacity for evil that always surprises.

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