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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

All Text is Born Senile [Today's News Poem (Sonnet), May 25, 2010]

All Text is Born Senile [Today's News Poem (Sonnet), May 25, 2010]

Memory locked in the cabinet's waiting...
Dust may inspect what the ledgers have hidden...
Ink has no secrets. Its lover is baiting
Curious eyes; with a body forbidden.
Paper's enticing, inert yet attractive.
Passion with posture—its poise is its mettle.
Leaping the keyboard to folders marked 'active.'
Pages are athletes before they can settle,
Aging in boxes of metal, in folders.
Lonely—they whisper their letters to strangers.
Senile from birth they confess to the holders
Memories pages recite. And the danger
Of burning: the last of the acts of the curling—
A last pirouette—and the memo is whirling!

“BP Plc told congressional investigators on Tuesday that pressure tests on a drill pipe showed a fundamental mistake hours before the deadly explosion that caused the Gulf of Mexico oil leak, a memo released by two congressmen showed.”
– Timothy Gardner editing by Philip Barbara and Bill Trott, Reuters, Wed May 26, 2010 12:26am EDT

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