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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Guidance System by @LordBeelzebub [Twitter Found Poem, May 23, 2010]

Guidance System by @LordBeelzebub [Twitter Found Poem, May 23, 2010]

ridin a skateboard on the freeway
On my way back from the forest.
an old volvo driving 95 flies past me.
Car next to me swerving.
I see she is texting
her @LordBeelzebub .

On the highway headin to cleveland
We are all lost.
some seek guidance
from a missile.
Others look for Jesus.
I'm looking for the money tree.

Car next to me gives me
AN ugly look. is the look I have on my face
the look of AN angry face?
I thought I had a common-sense-laden, ugly face.

@LordBeelzebub texts her back.
she gives me AN *evil smile*
she *pulls out pistol & shoots*
at my ugly face.
She swerves into me.
i'm bleeding to death.
she takes so long to kill me
before she takes my map...
my skateboard...
my face...
she is going to get her soul
recharged by the money tree.
I won't Die in the hospital.
I Die On the highway.

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