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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Self-Seduction [#twitterfoundpoem, October 26, 2010]

Self-Seduction [#twitterfoundpoem, October 26, 2010]

You chose Self Seduction
and married yourself;
abandoned by changes
you made in yourself.
you chose Self direction,
and abandoned your fellow;
you can't get away,
but you are not giving up!
You are stuck and can't get
away from yourself,
so accept what you are
and marry yourself!!

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Steve said...

Well-structured, interesting, distinctive. Don't think I "got" it, but then I don't need to (so don't bother explaining it, thanks), because as long as YOU get it, that's all that matters, my friend. (Ultimately, that's what we do anyway - if we're writing anything worthwhile - right?)

"self-seduction" = catchy, memorable phrase.

Steve said...

GRRR. . . I meant that "we write for ourselves, when it comes down to worthwhile writing, right?". Apologies for not stating that clearly before.

Brian Miller said...

but i like myself so...smiles.
tight write, kept hitting the point like a hammer fall...nice one shot!

Anonymous said...

hahaa! But divorce is so damn expensive and I don't think the left side of my cerebellum likes the right one very much!