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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The American Fascist's Secret Oath [Today's News Poem, October 26, 2010]

The American Fascist's Secret Oath [Today's News Poem, October 26, 2010]

Fraudulent irony, registered properly,
Sounds like the scripture believers have touted.
Register discontent softly and faithlessly:
Undermine ballots in service to property.

"In 2006, conservative activists repeatedly claimed that the problem of people casting fraudulent votes was so widespread that it was corrupting the political process and possibly costing their candidates victories. The accusations turned out to be largely false, but they led to a heated debate, with voting rights groups claiming that the accusations were crippling voter registration drives and reducing turnout."
—IAN URBINA, The New York Times, Published: October 26, 2010

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Anonymous said...

NOw this is a powerful write. Love the complexity captured so simply. Love and Light, Sender

moondustwriter said...

Regardless the veracity the system is screwed up

nice post for One Shot

Steven Marty Grant said...

This is pretty damn good; language condensed at it finest!

Ben Langhinrchs said...

Interesting way to make your political point. Sometimes poetry can capture both the facts and the hidden facets, and you have done that.

Nice job!

Theron Kennedy said...

Thank you sincerely for the critique on my poem. I think you and I have vastly different reasons for why we write. Your obvious knowledge of the subject is greatly valued by me still.

moondustwriter said...

When we set up One Stop Poetry, we intended it to be a cyber community for writers and artists.
I have been in the art/ writing community my entire life - there is first comraderie and as the community grows the opportunity for valued critique. As a published writer and poet,I welcome critique of my work. There are some who are just starting that journey - I believe that we earn the right to critique another.
So my suggestion - earn that right or ask first

Thank you for your time

Shashi said...

Its powerful... and its the case with most of the countries too...

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

Chris G. said...

Hey Khakjaan,

Addressing the difficulty you're having with some of the blogs connected to the One Stop--they're not necessarily deliberately moderating against you. Wordpress, at least, if you're not familiar, has the moderating as standard practice. Wordpress often requires its bloggers to approve first-time commenters on their boards, and sometimes, on multiple occasions after that. Just the inconvenient nature of Wordpress itself. So don't necessarily hold it against the bloggers themselves.

As to your poem: short, to the point, resolute in conviction. An unfortunate topic, a miserable trend in America and the world at large. The corruptions flows...