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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Maybe Cory Doctorow Will Take Some of the Stink Off Self-Publishing

I wish I liked his writing as much as I like his thoughts on writing. Then again, I've probably read the wrong compositions, because people insist I _should_ be a fan of his:

TL;DR? Want summary?
1) Uses Lulu.
2) Gives away most writing. Some will be fans and buy anyhow.
3) Uses social networking to promote sales, build awareness, and edit his book.
4) Accepts commissions and other assorted revenue opportunities.

Maybe people will stop thinking self-publishing is only for clowns.

Well, I might be a clown, but let me be a tragic one with a wee bit of nobility...

Not the sort that sells burgers.

On that note, buy my book!

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