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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Greg W Howard: Professional Chicken Hiding in a Potemkin Coop


Is that a bull or an ox in your picture? Your tone switched from swagger to emasculated. To me, it sounds like your wit was lacking, so to save face you're going to claim it's a liberal conspiracy when a little tweeter gets mocked by other little tweeters.

I posit that you know that you were the target of satire. But like everything, you hope to convert it into a) a means to draw attention to yourself & b) a political opportunity.

These are the tactics of the intellectually bankrupt. You are probably going to delete this comment too, just because you're afraid of speech.

And if you drew internet lunatics to you, so much the better. You yell so loudly into the internet, you're surprised someone heard you? Personally, I think those who made those threats are stupid nuts. For that reason, I find it interesting how you #tcot freaks are so unwilling to distance yourselves from your nuttier comrades. But you did shout into the ether. I'm not saying you deserved these threats, but surely you knew that your belligerent tone (on twitter at least) was going to be an attractive nuisance. And if you didn't, then why should anyone take your complaint seriously (I'm not talking legal matters, merely in terms of audience sympathy)? If you approach your bile half-heartedly, why shouldn't I expect your outrage to be similar?

ps: You star in a #twitterfoundpoem
pps: If you delete this message, I will post it on my site, link it on twitter, facebook & basically evade your censorship efforts. I despise those who pretend to solicit comments, but then delete them. Only Stalinists want to build Potemkin villages.

The #twitterfoundpoem in question:

And as a follow-up:

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