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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

PS Read: Chicken, Hypocrite & According to His Logic, Bigot Extraordinaire: Oct 13, 2010


1) Not a swift read.
2) Are you going to produce correspondence, tax information, filing information or some other piece of information to corroborate your account that Rauhauser instigated these supposed attacks? Or are you so lacking in basic analytic skills that you think correlation is causation?
3) "the coordinating affront is an organization hired by National Candidates," (I think you meant 'front,' but English doesn't seem to be your strong suit)(maybe you meant 'coordinATED'?)is a rather strong claim to make. Are you also claiming that anyone who shares in a like speech message on a like venue on the internet is necessarily aligned? That rather undermines the position of Tea Party Activists who claim that the bigots are not representative of the movement. So which is it?

I eagerly await your response and hope you aren't a Stalinist like Greg W Howard, who solicits comments, but then violates his own stated terms of use--thus creating a 'Potemkin Comments Section.' As a precaution, I'm archiving this post, just in case you are as much of a Stalinist as I think you are.

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