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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hot Bean Injection [#twitterfoundpoem, October 10, 2010]

Hot Bean Injection [#twitterfoundpoem, October 10, 2010]

Blessed art thou, Lord our beandog,
who has tattooed thy visage upon our buttcheeks
and slathered them with bacon grease
and KY jelly, who has made a sandwich
of our ANUSES;
Blessed art thou for thy hot bean injection,
...Happy days...
Blessed be Wall Street, for it also enjoys
to discover our hollowed out buttcheeks
are filled with cartoon people on the internet.
Very grateful that the Holy Spirit came INSIDE
my anal vagina this morning and hollowed me out
with a corrosive Holy Spirit hot bean creamcheese injection,
against my will (saudi style),
on this Holy morning of Bean Day:
for the beandog, it's what's on the INSIDE that counts.

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1 comment:

Ruterger said...

haha now THIS is poetry that speaks on my level! That level is basically my ear to the world's anus. I rather enjoyed this! :-D